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5:07 AM
Confederation StarFleet 1v1 Tournament #1 Results

Wow what a Tournament!

Our very first tournament since the Clan re-opened was a huge success. I would like to thank everyone who participated, as you all put up a good long hard fight. However only 2 people, Santa and AeVeus, out of 16 people fought it out till the end. Only 1 was victorious, Santa. 

Our First Place Victor, Santa, will receive 1 Gold Combat Pin award. Our Second Place Runner-Up will receive 1 Silver Combat Pin awards. Every single person who participated and showed up on time will receive 15 Reputation Point.

The final games between these two competitors were out of control! Back and fourth non-stop action. The Final Score between these two ended up to be 3-2 with Santa being the victor. You can download the replays below. You also can find the full Bracket results on the Events Page.

Game 1 (AeVeus wins)
Game 2 (AeVeus wins)
Game 3 (Santa Wins)
Game 4 (Santa Wins)
Game 5 (Santa Wins)

Once again, thank you everyone and I hope to see you next time!

President CrunChy
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