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Confederation StarFleet Tournament #2 Results (4/10/13)

Thank you to all tournament participants who showed up on time and ready to play. It was different to have a Lower League (Bronze-Gold) focused tournament. We had some amazing good games for this tournament. It was nice to see some players make it farther then they would have if any league were aloud to participate. However, out of those that played only two players made it to the finals. 

TheBigTG and Karnage were the last two players remaining. These two played a Best of 5 for the finals. All the games that were played were exciting and full of fun, and epic moments. Only one of these two formidable opponents made it to the end however. TheBigTG had just what it took to win the Best of 5 by winning 3 matches in a row. TheBigTG went undefeated through the whole tournament, a complete all-kill victory.

Prizes: Our First place winner (TheBigTG) shall receive 1 Gold Combat Pin. Our Second place runner-up (Karnage) shall receive 1 Silver Combat Pin. Everyone who signed up and showed on time received 15 Reputation points.

Game 1
Game 2
Game 3

Once again, thank you to everyone for showing up. Everyone was well mannered and fun to participate with.

See you at our next tournament,
President CrunChy
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