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Fleet Admiral Oblivion!

There comes a time in everyone's life when they decide to step up and take on a role of more responsibility. Today I am making this person aware to everyone in The Confederation.

Oblivion, a Confederation Legend and your current Admiral of Fleet 1 has been serving The Confederation for many years. Oblivion is a great member role-model as he is well mannered, never spams in channel, or disrespects other players. Not to mention that Oblivion is always on top of getting new recruits, promotions, playing with UMC personnel and doing things for the Clan not only through game, but outside of game as well.

Responsible for overseeing the entire UMC Branch, The Fleet Admiral Rank has been vacant for a few years now, until today. There is only one Fleet Admiral and this post is considered among the most prestigious ConFed has to offer. It is with great honor to announce our newest Fleet Admiral of The Confederation, Oblivion.

We should all look forward to working along side this young and talented individual in the mind set of moving The Confederation forward into places yet unknown.

Everyone please give him your best Salute when you see him in the channel.

Thank you,
President CrunChy
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