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Gaining more responsibility.

Over the course of the last month there have been pressing issues with regards to getting more positions of responsibility filled within the Clan so that it may operate more smoothly and more dynamically. 

We are addressing these issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I am pleased to announce our newest addition to High Command, Foreign Advisor TheBigTG. 

TheBigTG has shown loyalty, dedication, reliability, patience, pride, a pursuit of responsibility, and maturity during his time with ConFed. His interests also include helping the Clan with regards to Foreign Affairs, such as social media and hosting open Clan Tournaments. The combination of these qualities has justified him as a fitting addition to our High Command Branch.

TheBigTG will still take on the role of Fleet Admiral until a replacement is ready to assume the position. 

Please give him your Salute when you see him.

Additionally, w
ithin the last 3 weeks we have made a number of other yet notable promotions. The following have received a promotion in which allows them to help contribute to the Inter-Clan structure and retain a more "responsible" role within the Clan.

  • Sky Marshall Daedalus
  • Commandant JDman
  • Drill Sergeant Fowler
  • First Sergeant Kool
  • Admiral Fleet 1 ZZZ
  • Vice Admiral ShazamPoof
  • Captain Beta
  • Captain DarkRain
I believe that all the members mentioned above will go above and beyond their Call of Duty and help progress the Clan forward.

Thank you for your time,
President CrunChy
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