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Introducing: Keeper Academy


Over the course of the last year our Keeper Branch has struggled quite a bit. However, we've finally reached that foothold we've been waiting for. You'll notice that we have established a solid Keeper Branch and are now participating in Clan Wars. Finally, the Keeper Branch is moving in the correct direction.

While this is good and all, the way Keepers are chosen, and the way applications are handled just had to be changed. Keepers are meant for the most worthy, dedicated, skilled, and loyal members of The Confederation. Now one of the largest Clans on we've reformed our system for handing Keepers and have made it better than ever before!

I am pleased to introduce to you the launch of our newest system for applying and becoming a Confederation Keeper! This is simply called, Keeper Academy. For those of you who might be new here, Keepers are our most skilled and talented players! They represent us in the heat of battle against other Clans. Not only are they good players, but they are of the most well mannered too.

You can find the Keeper Academy by clicking "Academy" at the top of our website. From there you simply click "Keeper Academy". This will bring you to a page that entails some basic information about the Keepers including a 3 step learning process in which you will end up on the Keeper Academy Application page once completed. You''ll also notice that the Roster for the Keeper Academy is located directly on the front page of the Keeper Academy. 

Not only does the Keeper Academy replace the way people apply to become a Keeper, but it also brings back that sense of meaning and accomplishment to those who reach the first Keeper Rank: Elite Enforcer.

I really hope that you all enjoy this new system as not only myself, but members from our High Command and Keeper Roster have put in a good deal of time in ensuring that this system will work.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns we have answers! Visit our Keeper Academy Q & A section on our Forums and post! 

Thank you,
President CrunChy
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