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Officer Meeting (Keepers, CRA, and SSA included) - TONIGHT - 7PM CST/8PM EST


All Confederation Officers (Rank Ensign or higher in the UMC) and all Keepers/CRA/SSA Personnel, we will be holding a private Clan meeting in a non-disclosed channel on TONIGHT! At 7PM CST/8PM EST. It is extremely important that those who can attend do indeed attend.

This meeting will be broken down into 3 portions A, B, and C.

Portion A

Discussion of a broad range of Clan related topics in which applies to all attendees. Estimated time 20 minutes or less.

Portion B

All UMC Officers will be asked to leave EXCEPT for JCOS/Keepers/CRA/SSA members. Discussion relating to Keepers, CRA, and SSA will be covered. Estimated time 15-20 minutes.

Portion C

CRA and SSA personnel will be asked to leave, leaving only JCOS left. In depth discussion of Clan related topics will take place. Estimated time 30 minutes.

After each portion there will be time for questions from each individual.

Once again it is extremely important that all who can attend to please do so. If you've been wanting to voice your opinion and get some inside Clan information this is your chance!
  • All who attend will receive 15 Reputation points VIA Website.

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