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I'd like to recognize 3 individuals who have made a momentous impact on ConFed and s
erving in the Clan far above and beyond the call of duty.


This talented young individual has been with the Clan for many years. While attending college, spending time with family/friends, and always studying for that next exam, Oblivion manages to find time to be a part of our Clan. Oblivion is always active, helps out in the channel, recruits, and is a good role-model. The best interests of the Clan will always be the first thing on his mind. 
Which is why I am pleased to announce that Oblivion has become our new Confederation Domestic Advisor.

This has been a hard worked for promotion and Oblivion deserves every bit of it. Oblivion will be awarded with our Medal of Honor.


Through his efforts, Zmic has been a loyal member since near the re-opening of the Clan last year. Zmic has always done what's right for the Clan and continues to do so. While always moniotoring the channel, Zmic ensures that no foul play is taking place and that our laws are being followed by each individual in the channel.

I am happy to say that Zmic has been promoted to SSA Director. Zmic will be awarded with our Medal of Honor.


While Jacobis has only been in the Clan for two months, Jacobis has served the Clan well and has went far above and beyond the call of duty. 
Jacobis is constantly practicing with Clan members, trying to learn new strategies/mechanics, is always looking for someone who needs assistance with their play, and in general is a great member role-model. Our more hard-core gamers should look up to him.

All hail our newest Desiccator, Jacobis! Jacobis will be awarded with our Service Cross.

I strongly believe that working with these talented individuals will drive The Confederation into a positive future.

Thank you,
President CrunChy
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