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Sometimes, bigger is better.


The State of the Clan Address is meant to be an update as to the current "State" of the Clan for all Confederation members and those interested.

Over the course of the past year The Confederation has built itself back up to a very strong and stable position. We have regular Events, active members, organized leadership, and participate in Clan Wars on a regular basis.

We have run into an issue however which we have been trying to avoid for a long time; the 100 member Clan limit on

The Confederation aims to be the largest, stout, yet respectful Clan on We will not let Blizzard hold us back any longer.

As of today, I am pleased to announce The Confederation is expanding it's member capacity by 100 slots. We will be using a combination of 2 Clan Channels while still using "ConFed" Community as our main channel.

What is the new Clan Channel?

The new channel will be called "The Confederation 2" and the tag will be [xCFx]. The only purpose to having this new channel is to give us another 100 slots so our members will have our tag. Our main channel still remains "ConFed Community".

Is anything new coming to the Clan besides more member space?

Yes! We are also bringing back our Second Fleet which will add another Admiral position, 3 Captain posititions, and an additional 3 new Ships; Avatar, Meridian, Divinity.

All hail our newest Admiral of Fleet 2 ZZZ, *Salutes*. 

ZZZ will be the driving force behind Fleet 2 ensuring that all the new members are taken care of and handled properly. 

How will we invite people to xCFx?

We have moved our entire CRA Branch over to xCFx as well as Admiral Fleet 2 ZZZ. Right now we will only be stationing new members on CFS-Avatar. Once this Ship is at 25 members (combined average of other Ships) we will open up the next Ship, so on and so fourth. 

Remember, it does not matter what Clan Channel you belong to. You can be a member of Fleet 1 and be a part of xCFx. The only purpose to xCFx is to gain an additional 100 member slots so new members may have our tag.

Now I understand that at first it may seem like a juggling act between different officers, tags, inactives, and who goes in what channel, etc. 

This is something that we're going to have to manage carefully while we are starting out. Eventually we will find a sweet spot. We will have an Admiral Fleet 2, 3 Captains, and CRA in [xCFx]. Visa versa for [ConFed].

Are there any new laws associated with this expansion?

Yes. Effective immediately The Confederation will only accept players who are age 13 or older. Any members currently in The Confederation who are under this age will be grandfathered in and be allowed to remain in the Clan.

What else do I need to know?

The only reason we are able to expand the Clan to be something much larger is because of all the members we have today. From my experience in The Confederation I have never before seen the core group of dedicated and caring members that we have right now. If you happen to be reading this and you are not a member of The Confederation, you're really missing out!

Thank you,

President CrunChy

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