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2014 StarFleet Tournament #1 - Results


After over 6 hours, our first StarFleet Tournament of 2014 has concluded and a victor has been named.  Not only was this tournament one of the longest in Confederation history, I would argue that it was one of the most competitive.  We saw matchups of every combination and some pretty elaborate strategies in these match ups.

After an exciting finals round, INnoVation took an early lead in the finals with a 2-0 against FXOaviv.   FXOaviv regrouped and managed to tie it up, 2-2.  It all came down to the final round, a TvP matchup.  INnoVation defeated FXOaviv in the final round making the final score 3-2. 

  • INnoVation will receive a Gold Combat Pin for coming in First Place.
  • FXOaviv will receive a Silver Combat Pin for coming in Second Place.
  • Everyone in attendance at tonight’s event will receive 15 Reputation Points that will help you rank up in the clan. 

I hope everyone enjoyed your time at tonight’s StarFleet Tournament.  Please visit our YouTube page in the upcoming days to watch a recap of the Tournament.  Additionally, if you have any replays that you’d like to submit to be shown on this page, please contact Captain DarkRain or Foreign Advisor TheBigTG.

Special thanks to SSA Director Zmic for Streaming all night and also to his guest Casters Cryptys and Faded.



Confederation Domestic Advisor Oblivion

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