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StarFleet 1v1 Tournament Results!


What a turn out for a Tournament! There was an upwards of 30 people in our Group channel and 20 people on stream watching! 

Every single person who participated in our 8th StarFleet Tournament played to their best while being friendly, organized, and following rules. But as in any Tournament it comes down to 2 players, the finalist.

TheBigTG and EdibleRex, both Gold League Zerg players made it to the finals. TheBigTG, whom had not a single game taken off him through the entire Tournament was looking very spirited and ready to go when it came time for the final Bo5. EdibleRex, having a good start did manage to get a game taken off him during the RO8 Set but he still pushed onward and made it to the finals.

Despite EdibleRex's effort and confidence, TheBigTG managed to win 3 games in a row against EdibleRex which would give him the victory and the 15 Dollar Prize.

TheBigTG will receive a 15 Dollar Visa Gift Card, 1 Gold Combat Pin, and 15 Reputation Points.

EdibleRex will receive 1 Silver Combat Pin, and 15 Reputation Points.

All players who signed up and showed on time will receive 15 Reputation Points.

Thank you to everyone who participated and those who were on the sidelines. Your outstanding performance and extremely good manner are unmatched anywhere else on

President CrunChy


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