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StarFleet Tournament #2 - Results

Greetings Confederation Members,


I would like to thank everyone who came out tonight for our Gold-Diamond StarFleet Tournament.  It was a fun evening with a lot of interesting games that will certainly be remembered.  We had two members rise to the top in tonight’s tournament.  Those members were  Perverted(ConFed) and MattFT(ConFed).

Perverted joined The Confederation about 10 minutes before the start of the tournament and quickly moved his way up to the finals, going undefeated except for one game in the semi-finals against ShazamPoof.  MattFT fought his way past VTarlack and Zeus to earn his way into the Finals tonight.

Even though he experienced a one game slip in his winning streak, Perverted managed to win the finals unscathed in a 3-0 victory over MattFT.

  • Perverted will receive a Gold Combat Pin for coming in first place.
  • MattFT will receive a Silver Combat Pin for coming in second. 
  • All participtants will receive 15 Reputation points that will allow you to rank up in the clan.


Additionally, this night would not be complete without acknowledging our amazing caster, Liaison who skillfully commentated the whole evening on our Official Confederation Stream.  For his hard work, he will receive 15 Reputation Points and a Confederation Star.


Don’t forget that we are still in the process of rebuilding our competitive team.  We are currently looking for members, preferably Platnium+, to attend our weekly Keeper Practices on Thursday nights at 10pm EST.  Please contact Daedalus, Motion, or a member of High Command if you have any interests in becoming a Keeper.   


Thank you for an amazing night of games, fun, and laughter.  I hope to see you all continue to sign-up for Confederation Events!  Please stay tuned for our next event which should be happening either next week, or the week after.  This event will be designed for our lower league players. 




Domestic Advisor Oblivion

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