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StarFleet Tournament #3 Results (4/20/13)

Confederation StarFleet Tournament #3 Results (4/20/13)


Thank you to everyone who showed up today for the tournament on time and ready to play! We had some exciting games today as our higher level players fought each other with a wide array of different strategies. 

KiWiKaKi and QuantumLimit were our finalist to play against each other in a Best of 7. What a Best of 7 this was! Quantum, our Terran player did manage to outplay game 1 against KiWiKaKi. Both of these players are great, however with the advantage of playing random and a generally superb understanding of the games mechanics resulted in KiWiKaKi coming out on top. 

QuantumLimit will receive 1 Silver Combat Pin Award on our website. 
KiWiKaKi will receive 1 Gold Combat Pin Award on our website. All Confederation members who participated will receive 15 Reputation points on our website for showing up on time.

You can view the full Bracket Results as well as a cast of the finals on our Events page.

Thank you all for participating. Thank you to AeVeus and Janiper for Casting our finals. ConFed is full of lively well mannered players. See you next time,
President CrunChy

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