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StarFleet Tournament #5 Results & Information!


Big thanks to everyone who showed up on time for the tournament. Our 5th StarFleet Tournament was a big success, loads of fun, full of good fights, and epic moments. 

ShazamPoof and Daedalus were our two finalist of the night. ShazamPoof reached the finals by going 2-0 against TheBigTG, and 2-1 against Moon. Whereas Daedalus 2-0'd TheODog and Machiavelli.

With each player being Zerg, the finals which were a Best of 5 came down to build orders and mechanics. Zerg vs Zerg is all about who can squeeze in more drones and still survive the intense harassment with remarkable micromanagement. ShazamPoof displayed these attributes diligently, completely all killing Daedalus 3-0. While Daedalus put up a fight, ShazamProof took the gold. 

  • ShazamProof will receive 1 Gold Combat Pin on our website.
  • Daedalus will receive 1 Silver Combat Pin on our website.
  • All players who signed up and were on time will receive 15 Reputation points on our website. 

Check out the live stream of the finals below!
(Skip to 4:30 for a quicker start)

Watch live video from zmic25 on TwitchTV

Once again thank you, not only to tournament participants, but to all Confederation members for showing up for the tournament and tuning into the live stream. Remember we want to make sure you have fun in our Clan. You can be assured that there is not one other Clan on all of battle net that is going to provide you with the atmosphere that ConFed can. Friendly, Fun, Encouraging, Organized, and sometimes Spontaneous are only a few of the qualities we consist of.

If you are a new visitor and are interested in wanting to be a part of our great community please click "Apply Here" at the top right of our webpage. The Confederation is an experience, not just a place.

Thank you,
President CrunChy
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