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The Confederation Galactic Battles Recap! (5/03/13)

Talk about epic! Our first Confederation Galactic Battles since the Clan reopening (March 12th, 2013) took place on Friday, May 3rd, 2013. Lets just say, if you didn't come or didn't show up, you missed one HELL of a Tournament.

With a Razer Goliathus Full Extended Mouse Mat on the line all the participants played exceptionally well! Only 2 made it to the finals,  but everyone else gave it their all!

KiWiKaKi and AeVeus were our two finalists in a Best of 7, each fighting to prove who is best and for the chance to win a full desk sized gaming mouse mat. KiWiKaKi came out victorious but AeVeus did not make this an easy task for him.

I want to point out something, KiWiKaKi is a random player who does not play "Ranked Ladder" games. Kiwi ONLY plays custom games. Somehow..Someway, KiWiKaKi managed to out play against AeVeus in every match up! ZvZ, PvZ, and TvZ. Each game was exciting and exhilarating to watch.

KiWiKaKi will be receiving 1 Gold Combat Pin Award and 1 Razer Goliathus Extended Mouse Mat.

AeVeus will be receiving 1 Silver Combat Pin Award.

Everyone who showed up on time will be receiving 15 Reputation points.

I would like to thank every single person who came out to play in our first Confederation Galactic Battles. The Confederation Galactic Battles is one of our premier in-clan only tournaments. Check out the Tournament Recap video above!

Thanks again,
President CrunChy
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