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The Confederation's Open Clan Tournament!



The Confederation is hosting an Open Clan Tournament on Saturday, February 22nd, 2014 at 8pm CST / 9pm EST.  This is open to all Confederation members and any member of the Battle.Net community.   

This is a 32 man 1v1 Tournament with the semi-finals being BO3 and the finals being BO5.  All other rounds will be BO1, winner advances.  The tournament will be streamed to our Official Confederation Stream and will be available on YouTube following the completion of the event.

If you are looking to join or view a complete list of rules / guidelines, please click the logo above or click here.

All question should be directed to Oblivion.1422 or TheBigTG.765.



Vice President Oblivion

Foreign Advisor TheBigTG

Note: This event is being hosted at 9pm EST to allow those on the West Coast an opportunity to participate.  We will alternate the time in future Open Clan Tournaments to accommodate to everyone who is interested in playing.  

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