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Sat Apr 04, 2015 7:28 pm

I've been rejected by ppl when recruiting due to our recruitment process. They seem impatient, and while a member might be more interested than someone who isn't in ConFed in our bureaucracy, I think we need to at LEAST consider the following so that people who just wanna play will have less trouble:

Recruitment - How to simplify it a LITTLE bit more, if AT ALL. Shave off steps, make easier, more appealing, sell the idea of joining better, reduce paperwork.

Events - responsibilities according to ranks. How they occur, planning them, promoting them, coordinating them, who's eligible to host them, rewards/punishment for failure/success of an event, and cooperation towards the time it occurs.

Things will never be perfect, but these are the 2 main things I see that can be improved. I'm not complaining, and I'm not proposing any kind of reform, just urge to ask the members of this clan, "Can we improve these things? If so, how?" I apologize if I seem radical, that's not my intention, I just want to aim more towards appealing to the non-member rather than someone who's already with us and enthusiastic about our clan.

These ideas are based off my own observation (and discussion) and seem to be issues that, if improved, would help the ConFed process by a lot as well as reduce the pressure of an event being successful. It would also distribute pressure from HC positions like domestic and foreign issues while giving the members body more room to experiment without worrying about blowback. IMO, it would make things more automatic, faster, and more attractive. If no one agrees, so be it, please explain why, and if anyone does agree, what do YOU think?

Sun Apr 05, 2015 9:58 am

Whilst I am not entirely sure what it is you are asking or suggesting (I ask that you elaborate on it a little) hopefully I can answer some questions.

Firstly we already have reduced the requirements for joining the clan significantly. We have removed the cadet test and to sign up to the clan all someone needs to do is enlist and make one post on the forum. That is it.

In the case that this is TOO much work for someone I ask you why you think that person is a good fit for ConFed? If they can't fill out 3 lines and make one post on a forum letting people know who they are and what race they are what are the chances they will stick around after a week or month?

ConFed thrives on the fact that we have active members who love the game and who want to train with other people just as excited about increasing their own skills. They want to be a part of a community that hosts events AROUND THE CLOCK 24 hours a day catering for players around the world.

When it comes to events its all written clearly in the ranks page. Events are run by trainee officers and above for several reasons. It might be because they want to move up in the clan and hold a higher position allowing them to be more vocal and help steer the clan in the direction they want. It might be because they simply love hosting events for the members and being a part of that atmosphere.

Events come in all sizes. Right now I can tell you I have kickstarted the Nightshift campaign with the help of several offiicers such as KoB and FallenAngelSA. It comprises small events that really only require a date and time and a post on the events page. However the "Nightshift" project in its entirety is an event that has taken much planning and work from many people.
Right now we have had the unveiling of the new ships something that the entire clan has been hard at work on for several months, I have a couple of other clan events in the background that are also taking a lot of work.

If any members want to organize an event there are two main options. Firstly simply grab people from the community chat and see if they want to play a peepmode or whatever you are interested in, we always have active members, Secondly talk to an Officer or above and see if they are interested in co-hosting with you (Or I suppose sponsoring your event) for a later time. Finally if you really want to plan and run events go through the Officer training program, that is why it is there.

There is no "punishment" for a failed event. Really there is no such thing as a failed event, if you even get one other person to jump in and have some fun with you then it is a success. As for successful events there are many rewards, firstly there are medals that can be awarded, then there are promotions, really it depends what you are aiming to get out of the event and how much effort you put in.

When it comes to responsibilities in events the person planning it is responsible for either following the rules (stated in the events forum) or finding an officer who can help them. You cannot force other people to do things for your event, however you can ask them to help out.

As for promotion its a two way street. The clan has a system which will get your event advertised on the community chat however you are entirely free to jump on the forum and hype up your event, make posters and get clan members excited. If it is an open event accepting people from out of the clan and you plan on advertising elsewhere I suggest talking to the Foreign advisor to get permission and to get your posters AOKed.

I hope this has helped Telos, feel free to expand on it and I will do my best to help as always.

Admiral Doadrift

Sun Apr 05, 2015 11:42 pm

well you havent told me anything I already don't know.

There DOES seem to be an indirect form of punishment. I've been reprimanded for not having events work out, so even tho I didnt get in trouble, I tend to not be respected due to some of this. And while I'm still an Officer, I don't seem to have the privileges to be able to carry out my responsibilities required of my rank given the amount of priveledges taken away for playing 1 season of Diablo III. So, as an Ensign, I'm here to help.

I agree about ppl not being fit for us if ther're not willing to do something simple, and I've said that earlier while this was an issue in the past, so thats nothing new for me to know. All I mean is we should think more about the non-member than the member. Find ways to attract membership, find ways to reduce pressure from the chain of command down to the Privates, and make operations go more fluid. It's vague, just proposing some issues can run more smoothly if we put more mind to it.

and FINALLY, that thread was posted BEFOREE Ship Wars + KeepeR announcement, so of now, my concerns are null and void, and I think the concerns shouldn't matter for now, but as our ships and UMC and Keeper grow, these may be ideas to contemplate for the future.
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Mon Apr 06, 2015 1:26 am

One thing I personally think might help attract members if that's what your looking to do is ConFed should start hosting more open tournaments, open to all Maybe post them on the Chobo of TL sites and get "out there" type of deal. Maybe more clan battles, there is a lot of clans out there who love clan fights. And I know we already do these things, I am simply saying, maybe more of it.
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Tue Apr 07, 2015 1:01 am

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Tue Apr 07, 2015 11:26 am

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Tue Apr 07, 2015 11:59 am

Telos. If you want to help out you can do one of two things. Recruit more, or schedule an event. Go too the schedule an event tab on this forum. As an ensign if you schedule an event and even one other person shows up, and you give proper credit on the awards page you will get credit. If you do that three times poof you get promoted. It can be any event. Also our dear leader loves making sweet banners on the website. If you schedule an event he will make a banner for it if given enough time. As far as the recruitment process. Back in September we made it as easy as we could while still holding onto some aspect of confed. The process used to be FAR harder and more intense and we had more active members then we do now. So making it even easier isn't going to help.

Thu Apr 16, 2015 10:14 am

Absolutely. I think we've made things very easy and I think all the agenda is running smoothly. I only point out these ideas for the sake of productivity.

I'm just taking an outsider's perspective. There's nothing specific to discuss except the ideas of how the system is working. We're in a new season, and I made this thread prior Keeper/Ships announcement, so most of these concerns have been vanquished.

All I can say now is good luck and have fun in your games/training. Try to pick up clanless people if you're playing teams, and if you're in a CTL match vs a clanless person, and they are friendly, invite them to ConFed!

So, in conclusion, I made this thread before Crunchy announced the ships and keepers, so this post is pretty much null and void. I'm glad to see responses, so let's continue with our domestic clan affairs and work towards better diplomacy w/ other clans and get some good scrims!

Thu Apr 16, 2015 2:34 pm

Its always good to hear feedback and I'm glad the clan is addressing stuff pretty quickly. If there is ever anything you notice and think I can help let me know and I will get on it asap.
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