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Tue Jul 05, 2016 7:32 pm

:steps on soap box:

Ok, well look...

We could have done this in a diplomatic fashion. We could have voted on impeachment, the same way we voted in a President in the first place. After all, a President represents the people, but should not have direct control over the wishes of the members; that's what a dictator is. Apparently, that kind of thing doesn't work anymore, and we see the evidence...

A petition of impeachment under the agreement of leaders and members would have been the proper course, and is and should be the way we all approach agenda. However, that's an ideal circumstance, and, as a group, perhaps we don't have that level of organization within our clan to do things in such a diplomatic fashion. So we have to do it the alternative way, the way of total revolution. Ideal scenarios never play out the way they should, and this is a lesson I've learned to accept after years and years of trying to make them a reality. I'll always push for the ideal scenario, though, because that's what I represent, and it's how I believe organized groups should be ran. Whether or not anyone agrees is okay, but nasty negative comments are not encouraged, but I'm sure they will come nonetheless, and I'm aware of this. I still post these ideas in the hopes of them reaching people who truly have a good focus on the situation, and I hope they can understand and learn from the ideas I'm laying down.

JDman was placed into power by the people who were trying to revive the clan during the time we transitioned from HOTS to LOTV. We needed a leader to represent our interests, and the few of us were uncertain and some of us were unfit to lead; and some of us admitted it ourselves. Caring about the welfare of the clan, them people didn't persue leadership, because they knew the clan was more important then their own ambitions. We knew this, and that's why we chose JDman, cuz he had a stern vision and the resolve to put things into action.

We continued to operate under the guise of this leadership, and we were growing, booming in fact. We became top 10 largest clans in the world again, and the evidence could have been seen by the RankedFTW website, although they don't account for every member. It's still a good estimate of how big and glorious we were/are.

There's not many clear and distinct ideas that I'm trying to propose here, but it has to be taken into consideration that our friendship is what holds us all together; it's what makes us brothers, brethren, comrades.. If you're a dickhead, no matter how much power you have, you will be circumvented - with good will or by vengeance. People that are respectful, fair, and patient, are the ones that break through despite the long wait, so if you wish to become a leader or strive for influence, these are the qualities you must possess; in ANY organized group. It ain't like the old days where u could easily take over a clan channel, load bots, and ban anyone who didn't comply. Them days are over...

Now, we're smarter. We're more organized, more mature and wise, and we are much more dedicated to following the experienced and skilled people who lead us; and we're the same people as when we were younger teens! (well most of us.) Some of us don't want to be involved in all; we want to just play video games and stay out of it. And on the other hand, some of us don't care much about playing at all, but still wish to be involved with a social group, make friends, and have that be our outlet for fun. Thus, we have players and diplomats, and I think more and more people are realizing that.

In conclusion, if we move forward in any way, consensus should be the means by which we operate. We should vote on EVERYTHING together, as a group. This will make sure everything we do is being done by the will of the clan rather than the will of a person, and it will prevent arguing, separation, tyranny etc. And if we can't all vote on every single thing that happens, we should install a branch that will deal w these issues. Thus, High Command. But what about people that don't always agree with High Command?; their ideas should be represented as well. We should have branches or SOMETHING to deal with all these issues, and that's why it'll take alot of time and plenty of hard work to make sure we're fair and respectful to all. Roles should be fulfilled, opportunities should always be available, and we should continue the course of being kind and treating each other like family while keeping our focus on gaming and improving the way we organize ourselves. Alot of these things aren't clear, and we need to clarify all of these things so we know exactly what to do. The path should be carved and laid out for us all. If we do these things, or at least start a discussion about them, maybe we can stop twiddling our thumbs.

I'm just trying to inspire people to understand how important it is to work together, seriously. We don't dominate one another; no one is entitled to being the omnipotent person who controls everyone else. The hierarchy exists to operate the ideas we represent; not to issue the will of whoever holds that golden whip.

I care about the clan (regardless of tag or name or whatever; the PEOPLE), and I know there will be comments towards me, but I post this cuz i DO care, and it's as simple as that. One day I hope I can actually post ideas that are clear and distinct without it starting shit (obviously I have them, just hesitant to express them)... I urge leadership to make that dream come true so we can all speak our minds without worrying about gettin bashed for it, cuz I know others feel the same way, so I'll take the initiative and lay this shit all down right now so hopefully one day others can feel and do the same...DONE.

P.S. I never had ill will for JDman. Don't be mad at me or hold any opinion for how I feel about that. He was a good leader ideally, that's why he was president, and don't forget we voted him in so we should take some responsibility for the outcome and take back some of the blame; he had resolve and was committed to that resolve much more than most. He did some things we didn't like or agree with, but he cared about us, thats why he left another clan to come help us revivify. Please consider that. If it's personal it's one thing, but let's please be mature about this and apply that maturity to everyone in all situations. We all have faults; no reason to fucking humiliate someone on a personal level about it. I admit I talked shit, and I always do (always will), but at the end of the day, what do we seriously care about, and what are we willing to do to make it right?

DONE AGAIN. *rant end*

Wed Jul 06, 2016 12:03 am

thank u! plz dont delete this.... i changed my mind...
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