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Thu Jan 08, 2015 9:58 pm

This is a build I've been trying to learn and polish for awhile now. Syn is also learning it. I figured it is time for a discussion thread.

There are a number of variants, the one I'm using is kamkers:

10 depot
12 rax
12 gas
13 scout scv
15 orbital
@50 gas reaper
--1 scv off gas (minerals)
//3 Probes on 2 gas (EBAY IMMEDIATELY)
//SCV block expo shortly
17 2nd cc @ natural
100% reaper - reactor
18 depot (tight)
@34 gas - 2nd scv off gas (minerals)
@100% 2nd depot - add 2 scv back to gas
@19- 2x Rax
--1 Marine then 2x Tech Labs
--constant Marine/Marauder
31 Supply Depot and Stim
--com shield on 2nd tech lab
@7:25 2x Gas
4x Rauder 16 x Rine - Head out to attack!
Pause Marauder for 1x round of pure Marines
@100 Gas - Factory
Back to Marauders!
Ebay (during fight)
@100% Factory - reactor/starport (during fight 'IMPORTANT')
--@400 3rd CC around 9:30ish
2x Rax and 4th Gas
+1 Infantry Attack
@100% Staport 2x Medivac (4 Total)
Test pressure (if opponent is weak)
+1 attack Armory (optional)
Mass Viking after 4x Medivacs
Push with 8+ Vikings
@14 Mins Pull ALL SCV from Natural/3rd to Buffer

Thu Jan 08, 2015 10:33 pm

Really solid build. I suggest that every terran should learn variant of this. Whether it is your own, Heart's, or Kamker's. There is alot of options and every terran should have one in their back pocket. This is done at the highest level with extreme sucess!
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Thu Jan 08, 2015 10:35 pm

This shit hurts
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