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After a losing streak on the ladder, I've realized that I really need to get on top of my scouting. So I'm posting all the different builds I've seen so far to get my thoughts on paper. Hopefully this is helpful to some and tell me if I missed something!

TvT 1 Base Builds (check gas, 6 min scan for banshee):
Mass Reaper
Gas First Banshee (13 rax)
13 Gas Banshee
1-Base Siege (or after banshee)
Mine Drop

TvT 2 Base Builds:
1 Rax FE
Reaper Expand (12 gas)
15 Gas Expand -> Hellion Drop, Late Banshee, or Other

TvP 1 Base (no expo by 5 min):
Proxy 2 Gate
10 Gate
4 Gate (rare)
Proxy oracle (late stalker/msc)
4 Gate Blink
Immortal All-In (rare)

TvP 2 Base (robo/star/twilight down 6-6:30):
Blink (4 gate or 6 gate)
DT, DT Drop
2-Base Colossus All-in, Colossus, Colossus no range fake
HT/Warp prism harass
chargelot/archon (double forge style)

TvZ 1 Base (if not 15 hatch):
Ling Rush (6-10 pool)
Pool First speedling
baneling bust
Roach Rush

TvZ 2 Base (no 3rd started by 6 minutes):
Baneling Bust
2 hatch Muta
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Helped a lot!
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