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Hey guys,

I know there are a number of cheeses out there, but my biggest issue is the cannon rush. Any easy tips or ways to get past this as zerg?
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Tue Jun 10, 2014 5:38 pm

The best is probably to scout around your base to see if it is happening, and then use early lings to take out the pylon.
Once I was able to just bypass the cannon wall with overlord transports and drop a bunch of lings into his main. He had put all of his money into his wall so there wasn't much there to stop them.
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boogerbank wrote:I know there are a number of cheeses out there, but my biggest issue is the cannon rush. Any easy tips or ways to get past this as zerg?
Send your first overlord to their base and your second to your natural. If on small map this is key to scouting their early tech choices. If larger map you will need to drone scout, but cannon rush cheese is less likely on a large map.

I cannot stress this enough - Watch your mini map! If you see a probe running around its just a scout. But if you see it show up and b line for a corner, then they are going to cannon you. That scout could make a pylon too. I like to send one of my drones and have it chase it the whole time so you get to see if they drop a pylon.

Scouting is key. If you see a:
Forge and no other building - Scout scout scout. Don't be afraid to pull several drones to kill a pylon. If their cheese is already establish then just take your 3rd base as your natural. Once you get some roaches you can clean up the mess they left and then take your natural as your 3rd. If they establish the cheese, don't be in a hurry to kill it. Its instinct to try and mass up some lings and take it out. but there is no rush. They are not going to have an army for a while so you can drone up your 2nd base and get them roaches.

Forge and gateway or forge and extra pylons - Scout a bit, but they are likely just going for Forge Fast Expand.

No forge - No worries. Play as normal.

- Camy
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- Camy
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I have seen some GM's though stream counter cheese when they get cannon rushed they usually build a proxy hatch or something around the enemy base. Have never tried it myself since I do not face a lot of toss players, but it seems to work.
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The most effective way to stop it that I've seen is to catch the pylon building, and block the key locations for cannons with drones on hold position. Check out the Sandisk Invitational, Day 2 with DRG vs Hero or DRG vs Zest and there are two situations where a cannon rush was attempted and foiled before it even got off the ground.

The most important thing to notice is that DRG doesnt cheap out, he leaves a drone at his natural instead of drone scouting instantly. Then use your drones to block key places where cannons are difficult to take out. If 3 drones can attack a warping cannon simultatiously, it will not finish.

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I guess the first thing u have to do is to scout it. So usually i send my second overlord to my natural just to check if he is going for a cannon rush and if he is i pull drones to target the pylon which pretty much stops the cannon rush overall.
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