Zerg vs Terran Opener

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ZvT Opener

9 overlord

15 hatchery

15 pool

15 gas

17 overlord

2 queens once your pool finishes (one at each hatch)

2 sets of lings once your pool finishes (4 total – to fend off reapers. If they don’t make reapers then you can grab watch towers and park the lings outside of his base to scout what is at his front)
Pull out of your gas once you have 100 gas mined

Start zergling speed

Overlord at 24

Once you have 16 drones in your main (this should happen either right before you have 100 gas mined or right as you’re pulling drones out of your gas geyser) rally ALL of your drones to your natural.
Make two additional queens once your first two finish (you will have to cut making drones for a short while to make this happen most likely). These will be for spreading creep and defending small groups of hellions.

Overlord at 32

You should continue droning until you have 16 drones mining minerals in your main and 16 drones mining minerals at your natural.** (the asterisk is because you can opt to make a handful of lings (anywhere from 10-18) to attempt to take map control and put pressure on his hellions and catch them if he has lazy control. This is an option I usually do, but if you are not comfortable with microing and macroing then I would just continue droning and not worry about this step as much. However, if they are putting on a lot of hellion pressure, you may be forced to make the zerglings anyway, as to not lose drones. If this is the case, just )

Overlord at 38

Once you have 16 drones at each base mining minerals, start your third base

As quickly as possible, put guys back in your gas at your main (and rally three drones to your main to replace those drones from minerals). Next, make two gas geysers at your natural, and two evolution chambers. Continue throughout this entire time making drones and sending them to your natural, as you will need to replenish the drones lost into gas and evolution chambers.

Put guys in gas at your natural as soon as they finish, and start your upgrades as soon as possible. You can then throw down a roach warren if you plan on going roach hydra, or your baneling nest if you plan on going muta/ling/bling, and with your next 100 gas after your upgrades are started start a lair.

When you have your main and natural fully saturated, your third should be almost complete/completed.

Rally four drones into your main and take your fourth gas.

From here, you can either saturate your third if no pressure is coming, or start to roach/ling production if he is ramping up the aggression. If this is the case, make enough units to put down his force, then go back to droning up your third.
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How does this build fare against the new hellbat pushes that have become popular recently? I find that unless I delay my lair and drones to get banelings or roaches, it is extremely difficult to hold. Any advice on holding them?
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thanks for this yacht
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I'll give it a try, thanks.
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