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Thu Mar 26, 2015 12:04 pm

Since we are starting a regular LotV training night I figured this thread can be a place for us to put the builds we have come up with for Zerg.

If you have any builds you have come up with please put them here and we can work on them and adjust them as the Beta and full release come out.
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Wed Jul 29, 2015 10:19 pm

I tested LotV out for a few games a few months ago. Recently, I have been studying it more in depth. I don't really know how to open as zerg. Sometimes make my overlord right away. Or do extractor trick before overlord.

I'm up 14/17 games.

I have been very successful against Terran using 2 base roach bane opening.

I go 15 hatch, into 16 gas/pool. I get speed right away. I have 1 base fully saturated with both gas. The other base has no gas. 16 peasants on gold. I mass up a bunch of roach, and drop a bane nest. I move out with roaches, and pump speedlings. By the time roaches get to enemy, I can make banes.

If there's Liberator or I can't penetrate, I tech up to lair and spire. Get a few corruptors against liberator, and mass muta. Or just mass muta is fine.

All the while I make sure to have overlords on their outer expansions to drop creep by the time lair is finished.

Against Protoss, I open similarly with no banes, and usually find them attacking me. I tech up to lurker. Throw some hydras in if they have some air. If they go mass air, I use hydras or corruptors.

Against Zerg, early ling/bane pressure. Tech up to roach. Tech up to lurker. Maybe harass with a luker or 2 at their expo.
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