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Zerg Vs Protoss is a very interesting matchup to say the least, even if the current meta is not very Dynamic. This thread is not a place to complain about how overpowered Skytoss is.( quite a bit in my opinion). Here are some replays with commentary on how to counter Skytoss as well as the Immortal All-In. Both of these are made by Blade, a North American Grandmaster and Korean Masters Player who is featured on TeamLiquid's SC2 Liquipedia. His style of play is swarm host heavy and if you aren't comfortable with that play style I would appreciate alternate strategies to beat Skytoss.

Blade's Skytoss Counter w/ Commentary

Blade's Immortal All-in (2base) Counter w/ Commentary
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I go pool first
4:30 Roach Warren (safety against 4gate)
6:00 lair
@150gas double evo chambers
@100% Lair - hydra infestation pit
@100% Infestation pit - Hive
@100% Hive - Vipers
Vipers pull collosus, standard roach hydra micro and usually win the game
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7 roach rush at 4:45 normally takes protoss down pretty easy. Just need to make sure if that doesn't work to get the hydras out.
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Here is a build I like to do against Protoss players.
Please examine the map before you try to do this build. note: If you're faced with a ramp leading to their main. Or a ramp leading to their natural. The ramp leading to their main is easier to deal with rather than two ramps.
This build requires you to; scout opponents base; have an overlord ready; skip a larvae inject; instead make a creep tumor.

Okay, usually want to build pool first at 13 or 14. At around 15 drones (or earlier depending on the size of the map)
You want to find your opponents base then to make a hatchery about 17 spaces from their nearest building.

Scouting their front is very crucial. You want to know how many cannons they're making or if they made a gateway first.

If they made their cannons first, progress with the build and have your hatchery ready just outside their natural.

Do not try this inside their main.

Around 65% hp on the hatchery, send 4-5 drones to the new hatchery.

Do not make a queen at your main or any zerglings (1 at most)

Once your hatchery is finished Make a queen first and foremost. then as long as you are in a concealed area of the map. You want to make 4-5 sunken crawlers.

If the protoss does not see this coming, they will NOT be ready for this.

Once your queen has arrived, make a creep tumor and slowly push their front door open.

Make more crawlers and atleast two spore crawlers too.

You want to have atleast 17 drones on minerals at your main.

At this point, you have two dangers to be aware of.
one, proxy gates. two, Dark templars*.

You must succeed in creeping into their main and shutting down their entire base as fast as possible.
This build takes a lot of practice but can succeed.

This build is cheesey but very creative at the same time.
have fun with the build and if you want replays, please ask me on battle.net
I have recent games that took down players in a matter of minutes.

Dark templars will kill your base if you allow your enemy to defend your push.
Always keep calm and creep on.

This build can be very rewarding if you practice before you ladder. It can turn out quite well against computers first then human players (ranked or unranked)

I'd suggest you try the build before you go on ladder (ranked or unranked)
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I dont get how Overpowered Skytoss is. AirZerg is way much stronger than airtoss imo. 25+ mutas counter voidrays, Oracles, somewhat tempests and somewhat carriers. Corrupters counter Pheonix, tempest, and Carrier. Add roaches into the mass and you have an army. What people don't get is that zerg army is so fast to remake. If you can micro like a boss, and trade, you can remake soo much faster than toss, mid-late game atleast. Atleast in my experience facing airtoss.

Side note, I think Hydra counters small ammount of voids, but when they start stacking go into mutas, cause 20 voids stacked can kill off sooo many hydras.
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In general vs Protoss, how does Zerg deal with the "Deathball"?
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Whenever I see the pros playing, I usually see a roach/hydra/viper combo to kill the deathball. Sometimes I also see swarm hosts and/or corruptors. You use the vipers to pick off the really expensive units (tempests, colossi) while making sure you macro up to replace any lost units quickly.
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if the prottos is going stargate into oracle when should i put down spores in my mineral line if it is a standard timing oracle harras
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