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So I was watching MLG's summer invitational tournament and there was an interesting answer to Skytoss. The game was Hendralisk vs Minigun in the round of 8 and Hendralisk went swarm hosts (pretty late I think) and basically kept the Skytoss army in one place, then built tons of spores around with a few corruptors and vipers and slowly pulled the Skytoss army into the spores. Then used hydras to attack other parts of the map. The game wasn't perfectly played but none of ours are either.

Heres the replay
Hendralisk vs Minigun - Game 1 - Round of 8 - MLG Summer Invite
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Sat Oct 19, 2013 11:01 pm

for those looking to skip to where shazam is talking about, skip to 21 mins
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if you think about it, airzerg counters airtoss. we have 3 units, 1 of which is almost pointless to face airtoss with, so that leaves us with the muta and corrupter. Mutas counter voidray, carrier, tempest, oracle. Corrupter counter pheonx, carrier, tempest. Voids only counter corrupters, and pheonix counter mutas. Micro is DEFF a majority of this fight. So if your oppo is going air toss, make like 10 hydras, and just hold him back and watch to see if he makes more voids than pheonix or vise versa. if voidrays, dont even both with hydras. when voids start to stack on each other they start to overpower hydras. Get MUTAS. they do aor damage enough to kill alot of voids. But if you see alot of pheonix, go roach corrupter. Note, this is mostly meant for an all-in type of air play on 2-3 base. Jaedongs play stlye Great helps with this tactic, where he just holds his cash and larva to watch what his oppo makes for army. Keep this in mind.
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cant you jsut do like infestor hydra?
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I think mainly muta and corruptors would do fine against skytoss if u can micro well, but if you use infestors your fungals have to be great. But mainly counter attacks are the easiest vs skytoss because their army is slow and immobile.
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