14 hatch 13 ov 13 gas 16 pool

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Sun Mar 06, 2016 6:14 pm

14 hatch 13 ov 13 gas 16 pool has been one of my fav starts for 2s and 1v1 lately. I watched catz and hydra both do it and it leaves u open to sling and bane in zvz or go quick roach depending on whats going on. you can also do a ez 3rd hatch around 22 like i do vs t. I am a top plat almost to diamond so all you gold and lower players maybe this can help you. I just thought I would share it for all you other zerg players. you can message me here anytime if you want some replays

Added (2016/March/06, 6:14 PM)
its sux dont do that.. 17 hatch 16 pool 15 gas is better or 17 pool 16 gas 18 hatch :/
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