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Mon Feb 24, 2014 7:02 am

Hey I'm Flux and I am relatively new to the confederation, and I am so excited about having a clan with people who ACTUALLY play the game. It means a lot in the way of improvement to have a good community that is supportive and demanding in the way of participation.

I am going to attempt to make a Zerg scouting and reaction guide for all of us Confederation Zergs. I would appreciate it if all the people that would be interested in improving in this way would post any information that could be useful in this thread. I myself will be doing as much research as I can with the time I have, but any additional info or suggestions would be appreciate it, SERIOUSLY POST LINKS TO INFO.

My Goal is to compile and create a quickly read, concise, to the point guide for zergs to understand exactly what they should be looking for, the timings the worry about, and what is required to take advantage of this new found scouting skill. I plan to create, not only a step by step scouting mantra for Zergs who are having trouble with this (including myself), a quick study guide on studyblue.com as to make the gritty, boring study work go as smoothly as possible.

My reasons: I am one of those players that has no problem doing the following: Micro, Macro, and maintaining a high apm.

The problems: I find myself mindlessly machining through 25 ladder games on a Friday night and realizing although I am becoming so familiar with the meta at my level, I am not scouting with exact information in mind. I.e. "this protoss has 2 gasses and 2 sentries"... and I think to myself, "what 2 base all in is this?" this is often followed by me preparing for a 10 minute, or 11 minute timing, then losing to a 9 minute gateway all in. This is a problem.

Thanks for reading, please submit a post if only limited to a question I will work hard to find the information.


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A good measure of if they are going all-in on you. Is to look at where they spend their chrono boost. If it is on warp gate tech... you know units are coming 7:00~. If it is on gateway maybe sooner. If on nexus, you have some breathing room at least until 10:00~
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A nice little tactic I do vs toss now a days is to go for a 10 scout. when you get there, should be around 14 supply. If you see gateway in main or front of nat, scout the whole base, and do some sort of ovie sack at 7 mins. BUT if you see a FFE or a really early probe in your own base trying to deny nat, dont bother scouting main and just quickly make a hatch in their nat. They will think you will cancel and only get 1 cannon to poke. Let it finish. once it pops, you shouldve followed up with 15 pool after the expand, so make a queen. when THAT pops make a creep tumor RIGHT BEHHIND the min line. During this you can start taking a "3rd" or your nat, and produce lings at his nat. I dont advise making spines unless you plan on breaking the forge wall. make lings and go for the toss main line. Once he picks off he has 3 options(scout outer bases to see if he hides base) 1. He is FORCED to go 4 gate all-in. 2) he has to take a hidden expo and play behind it. 3. He will have to go robo tech and kill the creep tumors. In a lot of cases, it is the robo, so you should sat 2 base untill you start lair around 8 mins, then take a 3rd. Get hydra den first and THEN roach. Hold 4 gate. If you lost the tumors, either sat 3rd or go for an attack with ling hydra or roach hydra. Play as you would a normal game afterwards, except you have a huge lead.

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That is a game I played to demonstrate the strat. DOES NOT WORK IF THEY EXPECT IT.

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Ive realized he could go stargate oracle but you will have early hydras anyways
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Wed Feb 26, 2014 5:12 pm

Also, I am trying to have a group of ling, maybe around 20supply worth. Sitting on the map in an optimal position to either counter attack an undefended base or army. Or to flank the death balls. This is extremely potent....if i can remember to do it in game lol
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One of the tactics i use is that if the toss has not taken his expansion by 6.30 which is the latest, its most likely an all in and you can fly an overlord in at 7mins just to check.
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