2 Base Zergling & Baneling Bust

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[/b]The 2 Base Zergling & Baneling Bust is a build designed for a Zerg vs Terran match-up. The goal is to use a combination of Zerglings and Banelings to hit the Terran before he has Siege Tanks and infantry upgrades. This build works great when Terran players try to quickly tech to Siege tanks if you time it correctly, the goal is to hit them right before they get their first Siege Tank out. This build is based on a game Kyrix used in GSL


Scouting is very important for this build, it works great against fast expanding Terran players, as well as bio ball Terrans. This build is hard to pull off if your opponent produces a large number of Hellions or if you attack to late and they have a couple of Siege Tanks setup. The key to this is all about timing, always keep a Zergling ready to run into his base and see how far along they are with their Siege or Hellion production and make sure you attack before they have either setup.

If you see your opponent is fast expanding or doing a heavy Rax (Barracks) build then you will have a little more time to set up this attack, but you will also need more Banelings to counter the heavy bio ball your opponent will produce.

Build Order

9/10 -> Build an Overlord

15/18 -> Build a Hatchery at your natural expansion

15/18 -> Build a Spawning Pool

17/18 -> Build your first Extractor

17/18 -> Build an Overlord

@ 100% Spawning Pool -> Build a Queen

@ 100% Hatchery -> Build a second Queen

@ 100 Gas -> Train Metabolic Boost and Build your second Extractor

@ 50 Gas -> Build a Baneling Nest

Once you hit 38 Drones stop drone production. You should now have 16 Drones mining minerals at each Hatchery and 6 mining gas at the 2 extractors. Start mass producing Zerlings, you should use all your minerals to produce as many Zerglings as possible while producing Overlords when needed to keep your supply count in check.


As you are producing the Zerglings set the rally point outside of your opponents base, once you are ready to attack morph as many Zerglings possible into Banelings. Right before you make 2 control groups. One Control Group of all your Zerlings and the other all your Banelings, this way you can easily select them while you are attack.

When you first go move in use your Banelings to take down any wall or blockade he has into his base, if he has a bunker don’t waste the Banelings on the bunker but instead use your Zerglings to surround the bunker. After breaking down his wall move the banelings into his base and take out any grouped up marines and then head straight for his SCVs. The goal is to take out as many SCVs as possible with his banelings to case the most economic damage, if you don’t win the game off this push, you want to make sure you cripple his economy.

If your opponent as Siege already setup when you move in, quickly surround the Siege tank with your Zerglings so he can’t use SCVs to repair them.

While you are attacking take note of how the battle is going, if you are doing well continue to produce Zerglings during the fight for reinforcements, if you think he has successfully defended the attack start producing drones to get ready for the transition into your next build. A lot of times your opponent will defend the attack off but be economically crippled and have very few units left. If this is the case then build up another force of Zergling & Banelings and hit them again quickly, usually the second wave of Banelings will end the game.


Scout your opponent early and often so you always know where they are at in their build order and can attack before Siege Tanks
A good unit count is around 18 – 20 Banelings with 8+ Zerglings mixed in.
Use Control Groups so you can easily select your Zerglings or Banelings while attacking
The key to this build is timing so practice it and get a feel for when to attack
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this is helpful and seems effective, against terran especailly
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