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Wed Apr 30, 2014 3:05 am

if you guys have any plat + tips on this subject please help me!
zerg player going for gm
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Sun May 04, 2014 12:52 am


I need help against Terran's, I've been rushed my like 10 marines and i don't even have my roaches and my hydras ready.

should i start making lings to defend my base?
Aeleion the Alien
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Sun May 04, 2014 3:37 am

permd: you have to be more specific, but until you're number 1 GM, inject, inject, inject.

Aeleion: What is your build fore going roach hydra ZvT?
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Sun May 04, 2014 1:19 pm

i usually fast expand, then i get my extractor and my spawning pool, when both my hatchery and spawning pool is done i make 2 queens, when both of my queens are done i make my lair, then i make my roach warren and 2 evolution chambers, when my lair is done i get roach speed and my hydra den, and i get range and armor upgrades, by the time i have like 4 roaches they have about 10 marines but then he makes like 9 marauders for back up, i try making more roaches and make some hydras but they destroyed my base by the time my hydras and roaches are done.
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Aeleion the Alien
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Tue Jun 10, 2014 7:00 pm

is baneling drops worth it to harrass because it takes overlord speed to inveat in to make drops even possible
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Aeleion wrote:I've been rushed my like 10 marines
How many queens are you making? Are you on 2 bases at this point? You should consider using the first drone to mine at the natural to make a spine. Make 3-4 queens. Keep 1-2 up front. a spine and 2-3 queens will wreck that 10 M rush. Don't go creep spread crazy at first. Keep some extra juice on those queens to heal spine/other queen.

If you are still having problems with this type of rush then make some lings.

If you are on 1 base at this point then I think you are delaying your ling rush production too much.

Roach/Hydra vs T is not the strongest option. Ling/Bling into ling/bling/muta is strong vs bio/

Check this out

Very cool roach build vs T. Image
Chase wrote:is baneling drops worth it to harrass
I have not found them to be very good. It is too slow by time you get ovy upgrade to carry blings T is getting ready for you to come in with Muta and will have turrets. A roach drop is better, but z drops are generally bad. Blings are Z's go to drone/scv/probe killer, and it just takes too many overlords to get enough blings into position.

- Camy
- Camy
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Yeah, I tend to avoid baneling drops because of how much investment is required in getting it set up.
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If terrans are rushing i suggest a plan that has two parts to it. Scout- check the terran base with your first overlord, 10th drone, and first 4 zerglings which normally are around the 20-25 supply. If you see anything abnormal stop making drones and starting pumping out lings, banes, and maybe roaches if hellbats are coming.
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Wed Jul 02, 2014 9:41 am

Against terran the most crucial thing is probably the scouting to know what their going for wether its early pressure, bio or mech. So make some lings at the start in case he does move out, then 7 min overlord scout shld tell you if its bio or mech and basically go on from there.
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