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In one of Day[9]'s Dailies, he stated that the difference between certain leagues and even the highest tier of players is multitasking. Such as when you are learning to macro, you make workers and supply buildings constantly. Thus it's at the top of the "to-do" list. Whereas if you're having a battle, you might drop off the production to finish the battle, then do a macro round again. Whereas if you were truly trying to macro better, you would be making all of your units and workers and supply buildings, then focusing on the battle. I am interested to hear other people's thoughts on the matter.
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On a semi related note, a long long time again from a little known Brood War caster by the name of GrethSC said (he probably got it from somewhere, but it was the first time I heard it) that APM was like a box and your skills (i.e. multitasking) go inside the box. The higher your APM the bigger your box, which allows your to put more skills inside of it.
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The idea of Multitasking has really been skewed by casters lately. In no situation is the fastest player somehow better at multitasking. I once heard day9 describe improving at multitasking as training yourself to remember to do more stuff. It actually does not take all that much apm to do actions at different parts of the map efficiently. Its just the more complicated these actions are, the harder it is to remember the next thing to do in your mental "list"
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APM or EPM whatever you want to call it from Day9's 252 daily he said it best it's all in the IiIiIiiI's hrm... eyes!

M,5,6,M,5,6,M,T,M,G,S thats my cheat code to master league hopefully! I'm saying this and repeating it over and over lately to force my eyes to go with the saying M56M56MTMGS, M56M56MTMGS, M56MTMGS say whUt?!?

1. M for Minimap where all the juicy bytes take place miss aglance and that could mean a drop on your workers killing 1 or maybe near all of them in a two prong attack.

2. 5 for my hotkey to worker structures can't miss workers missing just one is 45 less minerals a minute! that adds up fast the longer the game goes, this is without question.

3. 6 my key for army producing structures gotta keep the lights up and on as T!

4. M for Minimap again get O-C-D with it! your going to be hard to stop if you never miss anything on this hot little letter.

5. T for Time you need to know your timings aswell as your enemies, when are two base mutas,medivacs or two colossi out? I've also heard it said that timings are for clearing out or into master league. (ex. two base attack timings, upgrade timings like 2/2, 3/3 hits or tech timings all important.) Even bronze to master series I've watched usually have a move out around 10minutes or so for low league players.

6. Money the only thing allowed to float in your vision is the smoke off your keys!

7. Gas same as #6, pros may often see their gas climb after a harras and pull workers off gas for more mineral saturation when times get tough.

8. S for Supply if you block as protoss or zerg it could mean missing afew workers or it could mean valueable time like 30seconds late on mutas, what if your oppents turrents might of been late.. well too late for you to tell! or as toss missing a warp round altogether not good!
Aaaand as Terran?!? R U EF EN C-R-A-Z-Y you best be kidding!?!1! that could mean 2 scvs which is 90 minerals a minute, thats delaying 1 rax every minute thirty and as terran it's all about the mid game powAh! If you block around 9-11min that could mean delaying 2-3scvs, 4marines, 1marauder, 2mines and 2 medivacs? You best not evAr my friend!

Minimap, productionx2, minimap, time, money, gas, supply! rinse and repeat M56MTMGs.

Hope this helps and makes you laugh even alittle! Image

WarMac out.
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Interesting take, WarMac240 Image

I have to practice something similar, but it is hard to be that focused - takes a lot of time/learning. But, you are definitely on the right track. If you can train your mind to do this subconsciously, you'll make at LEAST diamond easily, possibly Masters.
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I suggest trying to incorporate F1, F2, F3, F4 as Screen-Capture hotkeys. Image
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idea people

keep the firebat for early game

build the bar

put firebats in the bar

poof firebat->reaper for later game
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i love the new look for them, their ace

i didnt know their was a flamethrower in halo :O
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it sounds ok, but then the function of being able to base raid wont be as good surly
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