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Fri Jul 10, 2015 4:44 am

Hi guys,

I've received some complaints about ship wars so thought I would address them.

Ship Wars is about strategy and teamwork.

Please as Captains make sure you have read and understand the rules and make sure your crew understand as well.

For a match to be official both parties have to accept, people are complaining about Yachtmaster running rampant but the fact is people don't have to accept matches from Yachtmaster. As Captains you know he is a good player so should be looking for your good players to play him and cautioning your lower ranks and work with them to setup matches against similar skill levels.

I also realize people are annoyed other people aren't participating. Use your tools to your advantage. You think they are being a 10yr old girl then call them out on the forum and challenge them (Keep it not too BM but cheeky Nandos and Banter is fine). Make it so they have to accept or be ridiculed (Maybe challenge them with the threat of a Medal of Shame?).

This is a game. Know the rules, make alliances and break them, strategize and ABOVE ALL ELSE HAVE FUN!
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