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Mon Jul 20, 2015 10:11 am

So activity in the clan has slumped a little as of late. Normally I would be concerned but this is the summer so this is normal. What I would like from you captians are ideas that we can use to combat this. It's been a long time since we have had such great captians. I have been around this clan for a very long time, and I'm impressed with all of you.

1. I would like an idea of an event or activity that will boost participation.

2. I would like an idea from those of you who host the regular events like arcade night about how we can make those more popular.

3. Ideas on how to boost recruitment

This is an open discussion no one captain is at fault for this slow down as I said before this is normal, but let's try to fight it instead of taking it as business as usual. We now know that lotv is coming soon we need to start gearing up. Starcraft as a game is losing its appeal. Let's make confed a place where people forget they are playing starcraft and come to enjoy being in the community. This is how the clan survived in bw, this is how we must survive now.
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Mon Jul 20, 2015 2:50 pm

I dig this post!

I'm the one that hosts Arcade Night every week (as you may already know). Activity-wise, the event is awesome. In some cases, upwards of 16-20 people participate in it each week. With that being said, I can only think of a few ways Arcade Night could be improved:
-There could be an Arcade DAY in addition to an Arcade Night on the same day (9PM and 3PM)
-Arcade Night could take place more than once a week (perhaps on Friday nights, when activity levels are highest)

Arcade Night truly is an awesome event, and I love hosting it every single week.

Recruitment is a bit more complicated. Recruitment involves getting people that want to be in the clan, to join the clan and hopefully stay in it for a long period of time. I can only think of a few ways to "boost" recruitment:
-Instead of recruiting more, recruit BETTER (meaning, recruit more hardworking players that you know will stay in the clan for a very long period of time)
-Simply advertise the clan in games, in chat channels, different forums, etc.
-A simple advertisement message would be: Hello! Are you looking to join one of the Top 10 clans worldwide? Check out The Confederation here, at:! Also, please be sure to check out our StarCraft 2 channel here: (channel link) Thank you!
-After recruiting people, get them to participate in as many events as possible, to make the best first impression on them as possible (In the past, recruits that left the clan early on, left to join other clans because they weren't having fun in this one, don't let that happen)
-Perhaps make a Cadet-only event in which all the new recruits gathered over a course of one week get to face each other in peep-mode, Phantom, or some other game?

Those are only some ideas I have atm, I'll be sure to post more if I can get any!

Here's to keeping ConFed strong and immortal!

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