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Sun Sep 06, 2015 5:02 pm

So i need to say this but i will try to keep it short.

Darwin pulled me aside today and told me politely and without any drama that, my "attempts" at advising people as a legend have come off as me trying to give orders at an attempt at "power". He is probably right, when i try to do these sorts of things i come off as an asshole on a power trip which is very un legend like, and for that iam sorry.

I feel as tho i must explain myself, as all of you who can read this except for ZZZ have probably had this issue with me, and in short i am very sorry for my actions and attitude since retiring. I do and say the things i do not because i want power, its because at work i have a lot of time to sit and stare at the forums, and the roster. When i do this i see things i perceive as problems IE the rainbow activity, seeing the clan in a downturn gets me upset, and i think well i must be the only one who notices these things and then i think what can i do. This clan is my hobby. Essentially besides my wife i am married to my job, the farm is a major commitment, and this clan and the RP of the ranks and ships was my escape. Trying to stay retired is very hard because at any time i can pull up the clan site, and i sit there and stare at it.

As for my personal "power" i don't want any i was president once for 2 weeks and i hated it did i want to be in HC as CDA Yes of course who wouldn't? This was because i thought i could effect the change we needed because of some members playing other games. I would receive complaints on subjects and i thought well if i was only CDA i could do something. In all of the time i have been in the clan it is healthiest with a good strong active CDA, from Ducky, to a1a3a1 to crunchy.

The sad truth is i don't have the time to even be a decent member in this clan, like an officer or such. So really a legend is the best position for me. This is a hard pill for me to swallow, and on top of that i fear now i have burned all my bridges with this clan. As i write this i am almost in tears. I love this clan i really do i just want it to thrive, and move forward, and never die again. I want a strong community and friends to play games with when i can, which due to my work schedule and age catching up to me getting smaller and smaller. Life is sadly starting to take its tole on my clan time. I want everyone who sees this to know everything i ever did or said or tried to do it was what i thought was best for the CLAN. Not myself. I hope that you can all forgive me. I promise i will keep my distance in general clan matters. I wish i could prove to you all of my intent as im sure my word is mud to you all.

TLDR im sorry please forgive me.

Sun Sep 06, 2015 11:18 pm

For those that cant see I replied on the JCOS board.
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