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Thu Nov 05, 2015 12:00 am

Hello all,

With Legacy Of The Void launching next week and the Captain's Competition ending this week, I have decided this was an appropriate time to take a look at those occupying our officer ranks.

Over the past few months, activity has slowed down and as a result, several officers have ceased being active or are no longer completing the duties they decided to take upon themselves by becoming an officer. This is not an image I would like being portrayed within the UMC, rather members taking on responsibilities they can handle and if their circumstances change, be it due to reduced time or interest, that they take a step back into a more suitable position.

As a result, officers will either be placed back at Ensign or Master Sergeant based on my determination of their current activity and involvement in the clan. Those placed back at Ensign who do not make improvements will then be returned to Master Sergeant. Those placed back at Master Sergeant are welcome to re-apply to be an officer at any time they believe they are ready to complete the duties which would be required of them.

Some of you may disagree with this decision so I am happy to discuss it with you, be it through TS3, in game or private message.

Upon the conclusion of the Captains Competition, I will reply here with who is being moved to what position however ultimately, you should each know the position you'll get based off your recent involvement as an officer and to the clan.


Fleet Admiral Tyrael.
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Sat Nov 07, 2015 11:40 pm

With the Captain competition now completed, I have completed my list of adjustments. As mentioned above I am happy to discuss them with you through the appropriate mediums however in the end, very few have been completing their responsibilities in recent months. With the launch of LOTV we will need officers doing what is required, running events, recruiting and being active in all facets of this community. From this point people are failure to complete or uphold their duties will be placed at an appropriate rank, including myself. I understand and do not expect this clan to be your primary responsibility however we all put our hands up to put in a little more effort other than being in TS3 and laddering.

The layout of the new officers will be the following:

KoB (First in line for 3rd ship if launched)



2nd Ltnt:






Those have been placed at MSgt who decide to return to full activity and want to return to officer will need to PM me and I'll speak to you regarding it, those at Ensign who fail to complete their role will be returned to Msgt and the above will apply to them.
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