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Sat Nov 07, 2015 3:47 pm

Ok guys, you two, yachtmaster and shazampoof, are the new captains. Congratulations!


Ya'll need to get the following things done over the new couple of days so that we can launch ships on tuesday.

1) Pick a name for your ship. You can use an old ship's name or you can pick a new one. If you pick a new one, write up a paragraph or two of lore as you see fit.

2) Select members. Ya'll need to divide the drydock amongst your two ships. Ya'll can horsetrade or do that however you like but please try to evenly distribute each league between the two ships and that the total number of members on each ship is even.

My suggestion, which is not binding, is that yall pick players from the drydock in turns for each league like you would pick players for kickball over teamspeak. I would also suggest using the rainbow rosters to try and distribute *activity* between the two ships.

3) Write up a inspirational paragraph to go into the ship launch paragraph. "Hi im bill and my new ship CFS monkeypuss is going to be the most putrid thing ever! lets all get together and squeeze those zits. rah rah"

I need the ship names, member lists and hithere paragraphs as soon as possible so we can get our ship launch announcements ready and all of the appropriate work done on the rosters page.

I'm looking forward to seeing what ya'll do with your ships!

(KoB was disqualified as he wont be around for the first three weeks of ship launch but retains dibs on a third ship if we get enough recruits to warrant that)
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