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Greetings Confederation Members,

There are several exciting things happening with ConFed this summer. Below, I will be highlighting some of these accomplishments as well as noting some areas that we will continue to improve upon as we move forward.

Ship Wars

I would like to thank Legend JDman as well as Confederation Domestic Advisor ShazamPoof for working hard on the Officer Candidate School as well as Ship Wars. This is the first time ConFed has taken an annual event and turned it into a weekly event for our UMC. We have heard your concerns and questions about making ranks matter and we have come up with a response.

Ship Wars will launch this next weekend and we will be utilizing our Captains, Admirals, Fleets, and Ships to benefit your experience in ConFed. Ship Wars will pit one ship against another every week. There will be 3 matches played in each set and your ship will accumulate points for winning each battle. We will have league restrictions to make sure we cater to every member, regardless of league.

New Captains are being announced in a little less than 3 hours, so stay tuned for those promotions!

Anarchy Gaming to Merge with ConFed

Please welcome Odysseus and his fellow members of Anarchy Gaming to The Confederation. I have been in contact with Odysseus for several months now via the Unity Star League as well as the Clan War Hub. He was the former leader of 13th Gaming as well as CrossFire Gaming Academy, until they merged with another clan.

I feel very excited in utilizing his leadership skills as he has been reading through our website as well as ranking structure and has really shown interest in what ConFed stands for. He will be moved to the position of Admiral of Fleet 1 to help with the implementation of Ship Wars as well as have the ability to showcase his knowledge of clan management and professionalism. For those current Captains and Vice Admirals who are still wanting a slot in UMC Command, do not worry. We will be restructuring the leadership roles in the UMC, so stay tuned for more information regarding that.

Confederation Keepers - Keeper Academy

I would like to thank the continued activity and engagement of our current Keepers and Academy members. If you are interested in being apart of our competitive team, please visit the Keeper Academy or talk to Jacobis or Wugi. This is a great way to get plugged into a group of guys who take gaming seriously, but still manage to have a good time. For anymore questions regarding our competitive team, please visit the Academy or talk to a current Keeper or High Command member.

Teamspeak / Forums

I would like to encourage all members to utilize our Teamspeak and Forums. These are great ways to stay involved with the clan off of Battle.Net. I have been encouraged by the growing activity of these two services. This is a great way for new members to also feel right at home. Just ask a member for the TS information and you can get connected!

Event Schedule

Please view the Events Tab on the website and SC2 to stay up-to-date with all the events we are hosting. Starting next weekend, we will begin our weekly Ship Wars and will also start to alternate weekends between StarFleet and Open Clan Tournaments. If you would like to help with these events or cast/stream, please talk to a High Command member.


The Confederation survives off the generous donations of our members as well as Leadership team. If you enjoy your experience in ConFed, please consider donating to help fund our general operating expenses. This covers the website, forums, domain, Teamspeak, registration forms, as well as occasional prizes. Thank you very much!

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