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Greetings Confederation Members,

I am writing this memo to you all today to signify the importance of communicating my personal vision for The Confederation. Below, I am going to try and highlight the importance of continuous improvement, which is key to the survival of an organization. I want to initially apologize for the lack of the communication of this vision and also for the fact I can’t simply say “I want us to be the next Teamliquid or EG”. I believe that ConFed is going to turn into something that Battle Net has never seen before.

If you were not a member prior to February, you may not be able to appreciate the leaps and progress that we have made as a community. From then to now, we have surpassed all expectations that we had at the time.
General Membership For those of you as a Cadet or in the UMC, you’re considered apart of the general members of ConFed. This means that you are interested in either more casual / semi-competitive gaming, role playing, rank structure, or you just don’t have the time to dedicate to being on a competitive team. This experience is key to the continued health and activity of the clan. The majority of our members are apart of this group and they are the ones who create a diverse, relaxed, and fun environment.

Ship Wars was created to improve the experience of members in the UMC. This event gives members something that builds on one another and also gives them the same experience that our Competitive players receive, just in a more relaxed format. Also, it continues to incorporate the role playing / rank structure, which is something that keeps ConFed differentiated from other clans and organizations in SC2.

We want to continue to pursuer and develop a healthy and active clan base. This will include activity in Ship Wars, Teamspeak, Forums, or ConFed Community, their involvement with the day-to-day operations is as important as the involvement of our competitive players.
Future Predications about General Membership (3-8 months) I ultimately see the potential for a needed expansion to another clan channel so we can continue to incorporate new members to our community. This will either come about with a merge with another clan or increased recruiting. This will not only help with the Ship Wars, but will continue to expand our community to an increasingly more active and engaged membership base. Additionally, we will continue to work to refine our inactive requirements so that we get the most effective use for our current 200 slots.

Furthermore, the need for an effective leadership team will be emphasized as we continue to grow and the need for more events, effective planning, and administrative duties will rise. While there is no specific community that I could reference to provide a visual representation, rest assured we will always have the general membership’s best interest in mind and will always cater to them. The Confederation will continue to be a premiere destination for casual / semi-competitive players and we will always provide an environment that is welcoming and engaging to them.

There has been talk about the possibility of expanding to other games. While I don’t see the actual “expanding” part ever going to happen, there is much possibility that we will support those games for our members. This means that we will have a section dedicated to advertise the other games which we also play either on the side or for occasional fun. These would include:

Hearthstone, CS:GO, Heroes of the Storm, DayZ

You will not be considered an official Confederation Member unless you are apart of [ConFed] or [xCFx] on Starcraft 2. This idea is idea is still in the beginning stages, so please take it with a grain of salt.x
Competitive Division - Keepers / Keeper Academy Our Confederation Keepers are those members who represent The Confederation in the heat of battle. They are not only our skilled players, but ambassadors for ConFed. These members showcase the best qualities that we try to instill in ever member who holds our tag. This team also has a very strong reputation from the Brood War era and has been home to several impressive players, even to this day.

For our first year, we have struggled to find and establish our competitive team. This was a combination of lack of skill, leadership, as well as momentum and drive to form the team from the ground up. Around December, we effectively began the revitalization of this branch and have seen the fruits of our labor. Thanks to the help of multiple members, including Jacobis, you now see the foundation of a strong, yet newly developed team and Academy team.

We are actively participating in Clan Wars as well as exploring the opportunity to enter players in team leagues to represent ConFed. Furthermore, we continue to find ways to purposely incorporate our Keepers into ConFed events, such as Ship Wars. This allows our members to continue to interact and benefit from the expertise of these members. While, at some points in time, it is good to insulate our competitive players, we still see the importance of their involvement with the daily clan operations.
Future Predications for our Keepers / Academy Team (2-5 months) High Command is closely working with Jacobis and the rest of the Keepers to continue to invest and develop procedures and infrastructure that will ensure the continued growth of our Keepers and Academy team. Over time, we are planning to promote a more encouraging, yet competitive environment which players will be able to utilize and turn into results on the ladder.

Additionally, we are hoping to establish a large base of Masters players so we can begin to expand into the even more competitive realm. From there, an added benefit of a larger Masters base will be the added expertise and practice partners for our Plat/Diamond players. With this, we hope another result will be an increased vertical mobility for our Plat and Diamond players.

A common problem has been our Masters players are great and knowledgeable, but their schedule can sometimes get in the way of offering a lot of productive practice times for the Diamonds. With the increase of our Masters level players should hopefully alleviate this issue and also encourage a higher caliber of player to join our competitive division.

The progress that has been made in this branch is unbelievable. The long term vision is to continue to create an environment for productive practice and continuous gameplay improvement. Through a combination of recruitment, practice sessions, tournaments, and Clan Wars we hope that this team continues to show their rate of growth.

It will be up for the Keepers and Academy members to decide what kind of team and how far they want to go. With their support, I personally believe the sky is the limit.

Community Environment

At the moment, our community consists of around 430 members. These include current members, former member, and those who hang out in our Community channel. The initial creation of ConFed Community was to make ConFed more accessible to the Battle Net Community as well as offer easier ways to recruit and hold events such as the Open Clan Tournament.

Future of ConFed Community

The ultimate goal of this channel has been accomplished. For now, we will continue to advertise this to the community in hopes of increasing our recognition in the SC2 world. From there, the possibilities are endless. We can expand our Open Clan Tournament to 64 people with a prize pool and $1-5 buy in, as well as create a place for members to just hang out and game with one another or other ConFed members. This is just a great way to make inroads with the SC2 community.
Conclusion As you can see, a lot of our predictions are under 6 months. It is very hard to plan ahead even 2-5 months because of all the variables that can cause certain effects on the clan. In the end, I plan to not limit the growth and dominance of The Confederation. It is up to the members to help dictate the type of clan, competitive team, and community that they want to be. High Command will make sure to keep you on track as well as maintain a structured and organized operation so that everyone can have a great experience, no matter their interests in SC2.

Please be aware that every decision that I make has The Confederation’s best interest in heart and that the big picture is always in the back of my mind, probably even to a fault. This clan has the potentially to be something that Battle Net and SC2 has never seen. Together, I am confident that we will accomplish this.

President Oblivion

PS- This is just an overview of each sorta "department" of The Confederation. This is not every idea nor is every idea or plan listed above completely concrete.
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sound good! a lot of the clans out there dont have plans for tommorow much less 5 months from now
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Well said Oblivion. As long as members see activity at the top, and things continue to evolve, there is nowhere to go but up.
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If you dont improve or change then you die out, I like the direction.
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Being here for ages I can attest that the clan has progressed immensely thanks to our command team
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This may or may not be a far fetched statement to make, but I would say Oblivion could possibly be the G.O.A.T in terms of ConFed presidents.

Never before have I seen a President plan out the future of his clan to such an extent as this. During SyXx's tenure as President, or at least what I saw of his presidency, he never made much of an attempt to fix the clan or seek help in fixing it. From what I heard, he scoffed at the idea of ConFed rising back to its former glory and beyond.

After reviving ConFed and ultimately retiring, CrunChy set the bar to an unbelievably high level, and put all of the pressure on Oblivion's shoulders. It didn't seem likely at first that he could match what CrunChy had done, but I'm willing to bet that he's not only that level, but will be going beyond it as well.

"Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality" - Warren Bennis

The vision of The Confederation's re-rise into power and dominance is essentially no longer a vision, it's now a reality.

Thanks Oblivion.

The Confederation
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I haven't been in the clan long enough to see the improvements that have been made since February; however, I appreciate the great communication and active leadership. From what I've witnessed in this clan so far, I have no doubt that ConFed has improved and will continue to do so!
Big thanks to Oblivion and all the leaders!
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Awesome post, nipples are hard.
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Edred wrote:Awesome post, nipples are hard.
I touched them, its true!
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