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Just when you think we have done it all, I want to introduce to you: ConFed Gaming. This will be the new title of the competitive division of The Confederation. Those players who are apart of this division will continue to be known as our Keepers.

Why are we doing this?

Striker, the former leader of CrossFire Gaming and iF Gaming, requested to join The Confederation after iF had to disband. With his knowledge of competitive gaming, we are utilizing this to help bring ConFed into the final SC2 area which we have been severely missing this past year. With the help of Striker as well as Jacobis, YachtMaster, Qualia, and the rest of our leadership team, we plan to make this transition and vision a success.

Additionally, our Keepers have done a lot for The Confederation, specifically over the past 5 months. With that being said, it was time for ConFed to give back to our players. We have been unable to provide them with the quality and type of player which they need to continue in their development as a player. Having this kind of access is a monumental step for our current Keepers.

What happens to our current Keepers?

Our current Keepers will be known as the "B Team", but will continue to operate as they always have. Those who are currently Masters, upon talks with Striker, may be moved to the "A Team", but if they wish, they may remain where they currently stay. Furthermore, their Clan Wars will continue to be against clans who we have been playing and YachtMaster will continue to bring stability, organization, and leadership to these guys. The only change will that we will have a next level which they will have access to. This will enable a larger base of players to ask for help, training, and build critique.

Who will this new team consist of?

The new team will be home to members who are Masters and GM. They will form a 12 member roster (4 of each race) with a 4 member reserve. Those who wish to be apart of this must tryout against a current A Team member as well as abide by the rules stated by Striker and The Confederation.

What happens if this idea succeeds?

We are working with determination to ensure the success of this idea. We strongly believe in the ability of our current Keepers as well as members who are working on this project. If a success, this will open up a lot of doors for The Confederation in this area of SC2. This will include having to increase our Teamspeak capacity, adding clothes / "ConFed gear", updating our logo and stream overlays, as well as landing sponsor / partner opportunities. Though, I want to stress that these actions are down the road. We are simply preparing for the reality of such actions.

How does this impact me as a general member of ConFed?

Directly, you will not be impacted. Ultimately, this will provide you with a larger base of high caliber players to cheer on during Clan Wars as well as continue to receive coaching from our Diamond+. While most of our members will continue with free coaching, there may be some members of the "A Team" who will require payment for their time / expertise. While this will be a new change to ConFed, we want to remind everyone that this is the reality of the SC2 Environment. You at no time will be forced to do this.

Furthermore, we will continue to provide events geared toward those who are Bronze-Plat. These will include Ship Wars, StarFleet Tournaments, Arcade Night (coming back in the fall), as well as Open Clan Tournaments. This will also open more positions for administrative duties dealing with the UMC or ConFed Gaming.

If you have any additional questions about this change, please contact a High Command member.

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This is a great idea. Looking forward to supporting this!


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