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Mon Feb 22, 2016 6:12 am

Hello Comrades,

Some of you may have noticed that some changes have recently been made to The Confederation. The biggest change is the fact that ships no longer exist and have been replaced by squads, and by the return of Confederation Starbase Vanguard.

1. Squads have replaced ships for the express purpose of creating smaller groups of members to compete in monthly clan wars. Each Squad will consist of at least four members but no more than ten, including the captain. Squads will also each have a Lieutenant, and a Sergeant - these two ranks will be picked by the squad captain.

In order to be a part of any squad you must be ranked in 1v1 ladder, be registered on the website, and be signed up on Discord - you do not need a mic to use the Discord client.

Squad Captains are as follows:
• Alpha Squad Captain - Kazuhiro
• Bravo Squad Captain - TossNoSkill
• Charlie Squad Captain - Shortland

If you would like to be on a squad, and you meet the above requirements, please talk to one of those captains and they will get you squared away.

2. Discord is our new chat system. We will no longer be using TeamSpeak.
Discord use is not mandatory; however, if you would like to be eligible to be on a squad, or to participate in clan tournaments (both within the clan and against other clans), you MUST be registered on Discord.
To do this, you may go here:
3. Confederation Starbase Vanguard.
CSB-Vanguard is a spot for all members who are not active enough to be on a squad but still wish to participate in clan functions. Members of CSB-Vanguard are allowed to play in non-squad-related clan wars, and in-house clan tournaments.

4. Other game events.
In the not-so-distant future, we will be running official clan events in other games. So, stay tuned to this forum, and keep checking the Discord “Events” tab for more information. We, in High Command, understand that StarCraft 2 won’t last forever, and we are actively pursuing ways we can address this issue while keeping the core of ConFed intact by not limiting ourselves.

Finally, I would like to reassure all members of The Confederation, and anyone who had any doubts about the direction I would be taking this clan in, that I will continue to grow this clan and move it forward; that I will never give up on this clan, no matter what. It will always be my first priority to keep this clan community alive. Hundreds of people have already put in thousands of hours to keep it that way. Therefore, I must do my best to honor that commitment with one of my own.

Thank you,
President JDman
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