Power Limitation Act

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Power Limitation Act

Article One - High Command


The Office of President shall not include the sole ownership over the website, Teamspeak, and other clan services.


The President and Vice President shall be allowed administrative access and oversight over these services.


Passwords regarding accounts in Starcraft 2 as well as the website, Teamspeak, Emails, Twitch Channels, and PayPal shall be turned over to the Security Advisor as well as one or two third party individuals.


Such individuals will share power and are only to be used as a safe guard in the event of a breach of security within the clan.


Any third party is under the will of the President to have his or her responsibility revoked and replaced by another individual if the third party has shown malicious intent.


Additional responsibilities and power may be distributed among the other Advisors as well as trustworthy members, as decided by High Command.


The President will still be the sole authority within The Confederation. This will include all duties set forth under the description of the rank of President.


The President may suspend article © in the event of a security breach.


The Elder Board, JCOS, and High Command may dissolve the Power Limitation Act if it is in the best interest of the clan to do so. This requires a 2/3 majority.
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