Platinum Protoss Pete Match History Build Order Scouting

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Tue May 12, 2015 1:18 am

I looked up this guy's last 8 PvT games. He never does the same build order twice. There is no discernible pattern, I'm not particularly convinced that this guy even uses build orders.

When I say standard I mean it looks like a general strategy other people commonly do. Not that the build order itself is standard or correct.
mobo means mothership core
warp means warp gate
bay means robotics bay

Pete vs Ivraa - nexus first into late oracle - standard
nexus gate 2x gas cyber gas mobo stalker stargate stalker gate warp gate oracle@6:54 stalker 2x gate

Pete vs Matrakey - 1 gate blink expand into robo - wtf
gate 2x gas cyber twilight mobo blink@4:43 warp gate nexus gate 2x stalker gate robo

Pete vs Seagull - 2 base blink - standard
gate 2x gas cyber mobo stalker nexus twilight warp blink@6:21 4x gate gas mobo gate

Pete vs Fumanchu - 1 gate expand into colossus - standard
gate gas cyber nexus mobo gas warp robo gas sentry gas bay 2x gate sentry colossus

Pete vs Raver - crazy expand void ray into twilight and more gates - wtf
gate gas cyber nexus mobo gas stalker stargate gas warp void gas void twilight 3x gate

Pete vs Barcode - 2 base blink - standard
gate gas cyber gas stalker zealot twilight warp 2x gate nexus mobo blink@6:55 stalker gas robo 3x gate nexus 2x stalker gate

Pete vs Golgafic - 1 gate expand into upgrades and more gates - wtf
gate gas nexus cyber mobo stalker 2x gas warp nexus robo forge gate gas gate armor bay 2x gate

Pete vs General - 1 gate expand into robo third immortal - wtf
gate gas cyber nexus mobo 2x gas robo stalker gateway gas nexus warp 2x stalker immortal@8:07 stalker 2x obs stalker

I have utterly no idea how to go about practicing for this guy. He doesn't have a build to practice against and only half of the time does he even seem to be doing something sensible. This should be interesting...
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Wed May 13, 2015 11:33 am

And then the build he actually did:

gate gas gas cyber nexus mobo gate robo sentry gas gas gate gate sentry obs bay nexus lance colossus

I scv scouted the fast double gas and built a safety ebay.

My reaper gets in for the second scout, sees a missing third pylon. I decide to build turret and send reaper to scout the edges of the map for a proxy.

5:14 he starts a robo.

My turret finishes at precisely 5:20, just in time for the fastest possible proxy oracle. By this point the reaper has scouted one side of the map and found nothing.

7:00 the reaper has scouted the whole map, there is no proxy and I reenter the main finding nothing but a mothership core and two sentries.

Benchmark for my normal stim/shields timing is 8:20 but I am severely delayed by ebay and turret. Instead my push arrives at 9:40 with +1 attack. I am able to snipe the first colossus, retreat and take out his third expansion.

It is now 10:45. Despite as successful a push as could be asked for given the circumstances it is now 36 scv vs 45 probes, my starport is only half done and I will not be able to push again until I have some vikings up.

The game continues another 18 minuites but by the point I've already lost. I will never catch up in macro or in tech. I scouted to the best of my ability, reacted appropriately and basically build order lost against fast double gas bank gas expand. Standard.

I hate all of you.
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