Why I Lost

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Sat May 16, 2015 4:42 pm

Without even looking at the replay -

I didn't practice enough. I did the minimum required number of practice matches (2 of those 3 not even on the correct map)

Played a grand total of 1 ladder match the day of. (I can blame this on the Ship Squads but I had tons of downtime and could have been doing something productive)

Looking at the replay -

Tried a different build order from my normal ZvZ (This is what practice is for!)

Only had 2 banelings at first engagement but plenty of gas (was saving for mutas but 4 or 5 more banelings wouldn't have broke me)

After 'holding' the first and second attacks, had a small window to counter, at least with my mutas. (In fact I did 0 economic damage while taking a lot myself)

Final engagement, banelings burst on roaches instead of hydras, GG

Feel free to use this thread to post your own self-analysis, verbally abuse me, or just laugh at my misfortune.
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