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Mon Jun 08, 2015 5:07 am

Hello JCOS and High Command.

As you know I have been slowly working on a push for streaming and casting.
I believe that this clan can separate itself from smaller clans by offering our members more than other clans can. For this reason I have been working on ideas with High Command and the CFA Darwin to reinstate a ConFed Ttwitch and Youtube channel.
This will play a huge part in my direction for the UMC as it offers UMC members:

* A twitch channel to watch all ConFed events and clan wars live.
* A central Twitch channel to host our clan members own Twitch giving them a chance at reaching a larger audience.
* The opportunity to learn how to cast games and a place to apply those skills.
* An archive of all ConFed activity (The Youtube channel).

It also offers:

* The ability for ConFed to cast games against opposing clans making ConFed a more attractive challenge.
* The chance to be a part of other events in the Starcraft community increasing ConFeds profile.
* Much more!

It seems like everyone in the clan is enjoying this as we have tested out letting people take turns casting during ship squads and it was a resounding success.

What I propose is a sub forum for ConfedTV (Or whatever we want to name the service). A place to post up guidelines, members twitch links (currently in general forum), members ideas, advice from experienced casters and streamers to beginners, etc.

The benefits:
* A central forum for all the information making it easier to find and keep track of.
* This will clean up the general forum a bit (We are getting a lot of sticky topics).
* A sign to the clan that this is a serious project.

I look forward to your reply,

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Tue Jun 09, 2015 9:28 pm

Long live ConFedTV!

...and I don't think you need a new forum. I get the need to be organized, but we have an abundance of semi-useless forums as it is.

Good luck!
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