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Fri Sep 25, 2015 1:50 am

Guys, this is a long fucking post. I apologize in advance but please read the whole thing and comment ASAP.

First the announcement. Doadrift has retired. We are now without a Fleet Admiral. As his last act he has promoted both Tyrael and Boo to full Admiral status.

Tyrael and Boo get equal training for fleet admiral duties. They both get identical access and its between them to cooperate and handle doadrifts job for the near future. We try to give them as much help and support as we can.

FallenAngel is now inactive. KoB is probably getting demoted. Shazam is uninterested. Voper and Houzi aren't active enough. This leaves us with *zero* commanding officers for ships. We don't have much in the way of prospects either.

Further, ships themselves are very inactive and we have no way to run effective inactive processing. LotV has no API, in game clan support is broken and we don't even have a list of peoples lotv names/char codes. We need to accept that we simply do not have the ability to do non officer level inactives until after LotV launches.

So we have no ship leadership and very inactive ships but we aren't sure who and where.

I'm suggesting we bring back drydock. We put a new(old) drydock group on the rosters page and all the regular members get moved there. Ships remain on the rosters but without any players in them.

We skip 8 million movement posts on the promotion board here and it will not take very long to move people on the rosters page itself. I can do it all in an hour this weekend.

We write up lore about all ships being put in for "repair and retrofit" in preparation for the upcoming battle (LotV) and post this in the main boards so people know what is happening. I am not very good with lore and would appreciate some help getting a good announcement written up.

We put out a call for officer candidates. More or less any properly active player gets the chance to do warrant academy (run by tyrael and boo) and gets places in drydock as ensign. We get as many ensigns trained and officer status in game as possible.

We run a recruitment competition. Every confirmed recruit earns the recruiter a point. The single top recruiter gets offered CRA. Officers (new ensigns) are ranked by the number of recruits they bring in, events run and whatever else earns them a point somehow.

Points are kept track of by editing a single post on the main forum section. No rosters page crap, no awards, no confed credit system. The most expedient thing we can do. I would need someone to be in charge of this. NOT DICKDORKIA.

As part of the LotV launch hype we announce "remobilizing" the ships. Depending on the number of people we have, particularly officers, we launch as few as two and as many as four ships. Captains are chosen on the basis of points on the point page. No we like this person or not, directly from the points. (we can change it up a few weeks later)

The benefits of this plan are:

1) We hide the lack of captains and officers we are currently experiencing

2) We will be running a motivated recruitment drive with tieins to leadership and lore

3) We get a chance to reorganize ships (they need it badly). Drydock has historical precedent

4) We get to see how the LotV launch plays out and retain some flexibility in number of ships and organization

5) We get to use the LotV launch, HotS slowdown and everything else to our advantage w/ the lore spin

The detriments of this plan are:

1) KoB will probably be butthurt about being stepped down

2) FallenAngel will be butthurt (unavoidable and already happened)

3) Other people will be butthurt about temporarily removing ships (JDMan, Oblivion and maybe Shazam)

4) We only *hope* LotV has working clan support, API, chat channels and the like. Life is going to be difficult otherwise

5) This is to an extent an admission of failure. Since I've become president things have gone straight to shit. Ignoring it won't help

I think this is our best bet organizationally. I hope with this plan and the LotV launch we can revive confed.

Other than the organizational changes, we need to work on having as many clanwars and events as we can. I'm going to have this editable pages thing for the website ready sooner than later which should really help.

Our priorities:





Sat Sep 26, 2015 12:24 pm

Also read. Still sick. Cant say "looks good" cause it doesnt but its the best course of action we have
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Mon Sep 28, 2015 2:18 pm

If everyone buys into this plan - I think you all could have a successful LOTV launch. I think the CRA would be a waste - potentially taking an active member out of the UMC. If someone recruits a lot, could look into them being a Commander or earn some type of award.

Food for thought, but the overall plan looks solid. Wishing you guys the best.
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Tue Sep 29, 2015 1:13 pm

1. I like the idea.

2. Not butt hurt at all. The survival of The Confederation is the highest priority

3. I think the idea of a captain contest is great, making officers work a little bit more for promotions is something we need to do more. Also instead of a CRA we need to instill in the new captains/officers that they need to work to grow the ship they are on. We shouldn't need a CRA if each ship works this way. To do that we need to set some guidelines and follow the promotion guidelines more stringent. If a higher position is earned with recruits or event planning the position will mean more to those who obtain them. I think all aspect of recruiting should be given a higher weight then organizing any event this is because having a bunch of events but with 3 participants isn't as fun as fewer events with many participants. If we treat dry dock like one big ship and get officers/potential captains into the swing of things of how a good ship should be run they will be better captains/officers in the future.

4. When we do reintroduce ships i don't think we should automatically say we need 4 ships. What if we just had one or two ships of 10-15 active players? That ship could be treated like a lower level keeper team. I think more ship based events would also help, an example would be Ship A vs Clan X. Part of the problem with the ships is i don't think most people really care or even understand what ships are. Ship squads was a great event and easy to organize because the captains did most of the work, having ship squads face off against another clan would take that event to the next level it would also generate more interest then an in house function, and generate higher moral for the ship. Then as more people become interested we add another ship and another ship. We need to give being on a ship some value other then some text on a webpage. In the old clan this was done with lore/role play. I don't think that this will happen now as lore/role play isn't as interesting as it used to be. I know we want to keep this simple as well but if we find or mold the right people to be captains then they will do the work for us, they will want to make there ship the best and biggest. I say 1 or 2 active captains doing an excellent job is better then four or five who don't really care.

5. As always my ideas may come off as long winded or not to the real point. But i think we should consider why we went from active ships and a very successful ship squads event and ship wars down to 2 admirals and a dry dock. This could be due to HOTS dieing and people playing other games while they wait for LOTV. So i think when we do Retool to dry dock it should be to come out better on the other side.
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