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Hey Everyone,
I was just wondering what 3rd party programs and websites people use, perhaps providing a little insight to others. The only 3rd party program I use is SC2gears but I am curious if anyone uses any others. When it comes to websites I don't think TeamLiquid.net needs to be listed, but for VODs I used SC2Links.com and SC2Ratings.com bur I haven't found the one replay site. I know there are a couple that I have looked and even posted some replays but that was awhile ago and I don't know if there is one hip replay site to be. The last thing is that I've looked around but I haven't found a build order website that keeps anything close up to date and I was wondering if anyone else has found something.

In Short,
3rd Party Programs
SC2gears - Replay analyzer in which you can look at data that your heart could ever desire

TeamLiquid - The Grand Daddy of community sites
SC2Ratings - VODs
SC2Links - VODs

And I am looking for a replay site and a build order site.

I have looked at ggtracker.com and drop.sc. my problem with ggtracker is that information is available to everyone and that just seems a little weird to me, not that it actually matters much. For drop.sc it does have replays but they are kind of a crap shoot if they are useful and their are very little pro replays on there.
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imbabuilds.com is like my new favorite place.
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http://ggtracker.com/ has a partnership with blizzard
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I use ggtracker for every ladder game, it really helps me determine how i'm doing on a macro level, and provides a measurable way to see skill improvement (at least on a macro level). I don't really care that everyone can see it, it's not like i'm a pro and want to prevent my opponents from trying to find a small advantage. Also...I try to watch as much Day9 as possible...always a good combo to learn more about SC2 and get a laugh at the same time.

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I don't know why but I don't really like the fact of not being in total control of my replays, with SC2gears I am the only one that can look at them and decide what games go where. With ggtracker if I remember correctly anyone can add games of you and your games are just out there publicly.

I heard Blizzard partnered with ggtracker but I haven't really seen any of it be used
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As far as I know, the only integration is the ability to pay a small (I think5 dollars) a month to auto upload the replays. i'm not sure if there are anymore perks as i don't subscribe.
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How reliable is GG Tracker? It looks like the stats are inflated.

In some of my games, it aays I was spending/playing like a platinum/diamond level player. I am not too sure how it bases its reading, but I am not even at Silver on the ladder. I am a bit confused.
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I am actually not sure. I don't think it has the problem of wanting to give everyone a gold star. What could be the case is that is that when they set up the algorithm it wasn't fluid like the leagues are. What I mean by that is when everyone got demoted over the summer the algorithm would not change to account that.

Added (2013/December/23, 3:06 AM)
Scelight came out in the beginning of December. It is the successor to SC2gears. I have only played around with it a little bit, it seems pretty much the same but it is more refined.

Team Liquid Post http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmes ... _id=437452
Google Site: https://sites.google.com/site/scelight/
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Merchant Re-stocking

I dont play as a Merchant, but theres one thing I was absolutely floored hearing about. Merchanots cannot remove their stock and get a refund?
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