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All Confederation members, I am calling upon you today to please stretch out and help support the Clan. We need your help to become bigger and better!

When recruiting someone, remember to be professional and polite. You are the first impression a new recruit receives when going through the recruitment process.

Explain to the new recruit the following: "Our recruitment process includes a Website Registration, Followed by a Clan invite, then I will explain some things to you and you'll be all set. Sound fair?"

1) Simply explain, to the person you are recruiting: Please go to and press Enlist. Fill this out and put (Your Name Here) as your recruiter. Tell me when you are done.

2) Once the person says they're done Enlisting, you need to check to verify if they did Enlist or if they did not. You can easily do this by clicking Forum at the top Nav Bar, then click "Members" and type in the name of the recruit. If they appear, then they Enlisted correctly. If not, then they need to retry.

3) After you've confirmed step two, you'll need to explain to the new Recruit about the Academy. This is what I say. What you say depends on how you speak.

"Alright, we ask all our new recruits to visit "Academy" on the website. Read through the information (This will teach you about our rules/structure). Once you've reached the end, there will be a link to direct you to introduce yourself on our Forum. Once you do this you will become an official member. You have 15 days to read through the Academy and post or you will be removed. Do you have any questions?"

4) If the recruit does not have any questions, be sure to inform them about Events, TeamSpeak, and whatever else you feel is important.

Only CRA, Captains+ can recruit. Officers must seek out a member who is in CRA, or Rank: Captain+ in order to recruit someone.

IMPORATANT: If you are recruiting someone on behalf of another member, make sure to have the recruit put the name of the person who brought them to you as their recruiter. EXAMPLE: Kob brings XXX to Diskordia to recruit. Diskordia would tell XXX when Enlisting to put Kob as their recruiter.

Also we are now issuing Confederation Recruitment Stars to those who bring a new recruit or recruit someone themselves. Once Diskordia finished recruiting XXX, Diskordia would go and post on the Awards board

Recruit 5/24/15

Confederation Recruitment Star

Thank you,
Commandant Diskordia
-Legend since 2003-

-Commandant of the C.R.A.
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