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Fri Mar 04, 2016 2:06 pm

1. Squads must have at least FOUR active players who have met the following:
A. Ranked in 1v1 Ladder in LOTV
B. Registered with the correct name on Discord
C. Registered with the correct name on the rosters page of the website.
D. They must use their STARCRAFT 2 name only High command may give special exemptions to this.
E. Masters players are allowed on a squad; However they are only there until they can become keepers Orion has THE FINAL say in this. (please keep in mind Keepers is actively recruiting so some members may be taken out of your clan for Keepers)

2. Each Squad Captain may organize SQUAD SPECIFIC clan wars; The CFA may Assist in this if requested.

3. Each Squad Captain IS STRONGLY URGED to organize one clan war a month, or two In house Squad Vs Squad events. One Squad Vs Squad event will count for each Squad. Failure to do so will result in a High Command review of your position as captain.

4. Each Squad Captain is STRONGLY encouraged to recruit new members to the clan, OR get people who are currently in the clan to get out of CSB-Vanguard and into discord and a squad. Anyone recruited by a captain goes into that captains squad.

5. Additional squads will be created once High Command feels a current Lieutenant can handle being a captain of his or her own squad.

6. Squad Jr Officers Lieutenants, and sergeants are chosen only by the Captain. Lieutenants act as a captain when the captain is not available and may stand in for the captain for any scheduled clan war.

7. All Squad vs clan wars can be modified by the CFA, or any member of High Command.

8. Any In house Squad wars can be modified by the CDA, or any member of High Command.

9. Any modification by anyone in High Command is Final. Any complaints because of a modification will be taken into consideration but High Command reserves the right too ignore them.

10. All squad based events MUST be planned a week in advance. The CFA (currently Orion) or (if needed) a High Command must then ok the event date/time. To plan an event all you must do is post the name, date, format and time here: http://the-confederation.net/forum/33

11. If a spontaneous clan war happens high command must be informed!

12. Any problems should be taken to the Admiral first.

Fri Dec 16, 2016 11:14 am

Fuck JDman
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