Telos aims for seat on HC after denying several promos

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Thu Apr 14, 2016 3:20 am

if any1 gonna stay up, queue up tasks for me if u need ppl in or things done
Toss, JD, Orion, SunGod, Mikmonk, AngelofDawn, and esp Azander --- i serve all of you individually
lemme know what yall want, ill handle all of ur shit
seems like alot but ill do it no prob (cuz i know they wont ask me to do anything cuz they fuckin lazy sometimes)
either way im on call to every division below JCOS affairs and its growth 24/7, as its been for maybe goin on 3 yrs now -- also coachin Protoss mostly but any raze
thats my fuckin contribution efforts to ConFed movin into 2016 and this season
ima save that list for contacts, plz take advantage of them
other than that, Orion, Jd, Captains n Admirals + Toss CRA, your will, my hands on all tasks
Stats race rank for every division comin out soon~!!! forum post will this time introduce with an invitation to witness its release by presentation on a chosen time
any1 willing to help Vanguard regardless of rank position will be rewarded w promotion + medals
thx i think thats about all, if none of them 10-20 or so ppl not request service, ill have to run for HC, so plz keep me busy
i dont mean that as a threat, but i find myself idle on top of my work and need more
@JDman i havent been this idle w nothin to do since I was Vice to your Admiral. Please give me good work offered to 10-20 officers and if none request tasks, I will have to request running for HC. I'm kinda sitting idle and if noones gonna ask me to do things id see them done myself
playin in cws and running events is my least fav tasks, but ill do them. i mostly want to help add to tag and help Admirals and Skymarshall and have Orion shape the UMC n improve it, or else ill just continue making suggestions on forums. time to get it poppin! what yall gonna do gimme some work or let me do it myself given enough power -- not a complaint but i just wanna prove myself in skill, seniority, and value as an officer and am rdy for the next level after givin previous very generous offers away in favor of younger guys to be forged into strong top quality leaders, and if opportunity, will take that one promotion as high as ConFed will lemme be. Plz think about it all im rdy to commit 100% now iinstead of only helpin 2 divisions and denying promotions
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