Officer meeting 6/26 @ 9pm

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Wed Jun 22, 2016 1:10 am

Hello Im calling a General meeting for all officers.

who i would like to see attend.

All Officers especially Game leaders, JimBoss, Pheo, MikMonk

I would also like to see Jr officers.


1. The website

2. Recruitment

3. Expansion - Failures and successes

4. Clan wars

5. Clan activity during the summer

6. Open floor.
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Wed Jun 22, 2016 8:22 pm

Why did you schedule the meeting on the exact day and time i had a clan war scheduled for?
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Wed Jun 22, 2016 9:39 pm

I just did a job interview and I'm not sure whether I'll be able to attend so I've decided to post my thoughts on each of the 6 topics here.

1. The website
This website has been around for quite some time it's seen many people come and go and it is an essential part of ConFed. However I do believe that this website needs a big renovation. I've seen the tabs for the other game teams in the rosters page but work on that seems awfully slow. I think that a way to solve this is to create a certain group of officers that can change parts of the website but not have permission to certain things like the recruitment process.

2. Recruitment
I think the current way of recruitment doesn't need much change at all since recruitment is a team effort not one guy's job.

3. Expansion - Failures and successes
Pros: Expanding to other games has given new life to ConFed in light of a great game that's slowly decaying. It also resulted in a boost to our numbers as well as removing some stereotypical views about ConFed. Expanding slowly but surely is a good way since it means the safety of ConFed.

Cons: Heroes of the Storm. As of right now IMO the Heroes team has no one to lead them. I have not seen anyone take over for it after Rayvenx left the clan. We need a Captain here ASAP. Second con is that we need the Captains of each game branch to give a roster of their numbers somewhere. Since the website is still doesn't have them.

4. Clan Wars
One of the ways to show ConFed prestige in that we are better than a clan is through Clan Wars. We have been doing this for SC2 for years. More clan wars in SC2 will be welcome. I would also like to see that the other branches start/organize more in Clan Wars.

5. Clan activity during the summer.
Well this is still pretty debatable but for me I think we should keep expanding more. Hold up more in clan tournamnets and more.

6. Open floor
Well idk what you mean by this. But I will assume it is about ConFed being open to all.
Honestly I think we should keep it open, but make changes to it. I just don't know what.

So these are my opinions so GL in the meeting.
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