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Tue Feb 21, 2017 7:16 pm

Hello everyone!

We've mostly moved away from the website, though for historical sake I've decided to put this one up here. Didn't feel right not announcing any new admins on the website especially since we mostly use this place as a historical archive nowadays.

Hopefully this sets it in stone...

Anyways, our previous admin SunGodEffect has been dealing with real life for awhile. As a result the remaining 4 admins (Orion, Shortland, Kira and Remo) decided that we would be removing him as an admin.

I really should've made a whole post about the SunGodEffect thing. We should've clarified that stuff for everyone... Hopefully he'll be coming back soon though.

We need a functioning leadership in charge of ConFed and it's not right to have 1 spot empty for so long...
Anyways back to the point.

As a result Ice was recently promoted to Admin (Officially February 6th 2017.) I have faith that Ice can do a great job here at ConFed.
He's proven himself a good leader outside of ConFed by also leading as an administrator in CTL.


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