OMG i found The Confedation!!!!!

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Mon Aug 14, 2017 9:09 pm

Toaster wrote:ust an old Toaster trying to find his old clan friends.

Yes I see the date. No I don't care. Yes, I'm the Toaster from long long ago.

I doubt anyone will see this, transmitting to the wind!

Hi Toaster - it's your old bud A1a3a1 Hope you're doing well.
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Tue Sep 11, 2018 10:56 pm

Greetings Palaris,

I am still around occasionally. Seems these forums are very inactive with the last post being a year ago. I decide to check in here and there. I've been doing well though. Hope you are doing the same. To all the members of The Confederation, I miss you all. Over the many years, I have formed strong friendships.
Some members feel that I was very harsh but that is what The Confederation needs, lots of structure, and lots of discipline. It's honestly nothing personal, it's just the way clans need to be ran in order to go smoothly and to survive. My closest friends on here know that I am an extremely giving person and would do anything for them.
There are many misconceptions of me on this forum and I hope some of what I said clears things up. Most all the people who try to smear my name are people who took their actions against the clan in hopes of trying to down it. Once they were removed from the clan, they automatically form a hatred for me. Everything I did for The Confederation was for the betterment of the clan, anyone that says anything different is a blatant liar.
If this clan is still alive please contact me on here and let me know where the rest reside. I'd love to pop in sometime and just talk about the old days.

Hail to all The Confederation members! ~Strength~Pride~Unity~
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